Maldonado added investments in works for US$500,000 for the final of the Copa Sudamericana

Maldonado added investments in works for US$500,000 for the final of the Copa Sudamericana
October 29, 2023 – 10:55

Mayor Enrique Antía also highlighted the tourist movement that it generated. “It positions us in the region and the world,” he highlighted.

Maldonado added investments of more than $500,000 to host the final of the South American Cup, that were constituted in works that will be fixed improvements for the department, as explained by the mayor Enrique Antía.

At the same time, Antía He highlighted that the sporting event, which was held at the Domingo Burgueño Miguel Stadium and declared the champion of the Quito University Sports League (Ecuador), who beat Fortaleza on penalties (Brazil), mobilized some 15,000 tourists, which continues to consolidate Maldonado as destination.

“It positions us in the region and the world,” said the mayor about the movement that occurred in the spa with the arrival of thousands of Brazilian and Ecuadorian fans. “Leave the 15,000 visitors who came, consume and get to know the area, pay for the hotel restaurants,” he highlighted.

The department head also highlighted that “with this final we achieved an investment of more than $500,000 in fixed improvements that remain for Maldonado”, among which he specified the tasks in the stadium.

Final of the Copa Sudamericana leaves more than 500 thousand dollars in improvements for Maldonado

From Ecuador they spoke of an “impeccable” Maldonado

For his part, the Ecuadorian ambassador in Uruguay, Roberto Illingworth, He also highlighted that he found a Maldonado “impeccable” and “without stress” in the preparations to organize the final, at a time when the sector is also preparing for the incipient summer season, with the aim of overcoming the possible impact that the crisis may generate in Argentina.

Thus, in the framework of a meeting with the mayor Antía and the mayors of Punta del Este and Maldonado, Javier Carballal and Andrés Rapetti, Illingworth thanked the hospitality and did not hesitate to describe the image of the department as “impeccable”, while Rapetti appreciated the idea of “Maldonado, Capital of Sports”, as a goal for the coming years and valued the arrival of the public from the Brazilian northeast and Ecuador, who “are not the ones who usually choose our coast to rest.”

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