Uruguayans manage to buy cheap fuel in Argentina despite the shortage

Uruguayans manage to buy cheap fuel in Argentina despite the shortage

Argentina is currently going through problems catering, which generates long lines in all corners of the country and the border area with the Uruguay is no exception, although the tense situation has an extra element: the crossing of Uruguayans to load fuel at a lower price than in the local plaza.

The middle of Paysandu, El Telégrafo assured that on the other side of the border, in addition to long lines of Argentine and Uruguayan cars, several vehicles were seen traveling without license plates so that they would not recognize that they were from Uruguay. This is because foreign vehicles pay 35% more than the value for Argentinians.

In addition, local sources indicated the existence of WhatsApp groups among citizens of Colon to identify foreign vehicles crossing the border to load fuel. They even assured that there are several who cross more than once a day to get supplies. In that sense, the fact that some service stations have a limit of up to 20 liters for foreign vehicles.

Uruguay has the most expensive fuel in Latin America

This situation occurs at the moment when the price gap between Uruguay and Argentina is at its all-time highs, with a Border Price Index (IPF) from 180%as measured in September Salto Economic Observatory of the Catholic University of Uruguay (UCU).

In this scenario caused by the exchange difference Between both countries, Uruguayans have been crossing the border en masse to acquire goods at more convenient prices for the exchange rate used in the country, in relation to the cities on the Argentine coast. And, of course, the fuels are on the list more accessible products on the other side of Silver river.

In fact, the fuels They are 185% cheaper in Concordia (Entre Ríos) what in Leap —even considering the discount on the Imesi that the coastal service stations have. If you look at the gap in diesel, it is 290% more expensive in Uruguay, while gasoline is 193% more expensive in the national territory.

If we add to this that fuel in the country has been rising in recent months – due to the increase in international reference prices, especially the Petroleum, and the impossibility of National Administration of Fuel, Alcohol and Portland (Ancap) to contain such increases in consumer prices—the difference in values ​​is significant.

In that sense, the energy report prepared SEG Engineering showed that Uruguay have the most expensive fuel in all of Latin America, with a value of 1.47 dollars per liter for diesel and 1.95 dollars per liter for gasoline. In counterpart, Argentina It has the lowest values ​​in the region, with 0.99 dollars per liter of diesel and 0.87 dollars per liter of gasoline.

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