Annabela Suburú will be the new president of Antel

Annabela Suburú will be the new president of Antel
October 31, 2023 – 2:46 p.m.

The current general manager of the telecommunications company has a long career in the entity, and would be Gurméndez’s successor at its head.

The current general manager of Antel, Annabela Suburú, will be the new president of the telecommunications entity of Uruguay after the departure of Gabriel Gurmendez to be a pre-candidate for the presidency Colorado Party.

Last Thursday, Gurméndez presented his resignation as president of Antel, a position he had held since the beginning of the current administration, and the question of who would be the person to succeed him in leading the public company had not been resolved—unlike of what did happen in the Central Board of Directors (Codicen) of the National Administration of Public Education (ANEP) after the departure of Robert Silva.

However, the government has already confirmed the current general manager Annabela Suburú, an accountant and graduate in Administration, as the new leader, appointed to the position she still holds by the now former president of Antel, also at the beginning of his administration, as reported by Subrayado.

The appointment of Suburú, who has a long career within Antel, must be approved with the permission of the Senate. Meanwhile, the president of the National Administration of Fuel, Alcohol and Portland (Ancap), Alejandro Stipanicicholds the position on an interim basis.

Gurméndez’s resignation

Last Thursday, Gabriel Gurméndez sent a letter to the president Luis Lacalle Pou and then met with the president to confirm his resignation from the presidency of Antel, with the aim of being a pre-candidate for the presidency List 15 (Batllistas Group) of the Colorado Party.

The former leader spoke of the fulfillment of a cycle in which “we deliver a Antel better”. In that sense, he referred to the leadership and growth in mobile, data and internet and telephony and a drop in prices, as well as the fact that in the last two years, the state telecommunications company obtained the best economic and financial results of its history.

The now former president of Antel He also highlighted the advances in connectivity, internet access and extension of fiber optics in the interior, which achieved, among other things, that all educational centers in the country have a broadband connection. In this long list of achievements, he did not forget the most recent: the investment in 5G technology and the deployment of the first network in Uruguay.

“I think we have fulfilled the initial mandate which was to put the public company Before people service“, said Gurméndez, and added that “it is a stage that ends and, personally, it is the beginning of a new path” that he faces with enthusiasm and great enthusiasm, as he acknowledged.

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