Hamas announced that in the coming days it will release foreign hostages

Hamas announced that in the coming days it will release foreign hostages

The Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas announced this Tuesday that “in the coming days” he will release some of the foreign hostages which led to the Gaza Strip After his incursion of the October 7 in Israel.

“We have informed intermediaries that We will release a certain number of foreigners in the coming days“he declared Abu Obeidaspokesperson for the Ezzedin al Qassam Brigadesin a television message.

Hostages Released Israel Hamas

Last week, the Palestinian group released four women of the more than 240 people held hostage: Judith and Natalie Raananmother and daughter with nationality USand the Israelis Yocheved Lifshitz and Nurit Cooperof 85 and 79 years.

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Hamas published a video on Monday in which three women, presented as hostages held in Loopthey ask the Government of Israel make a prisoner exchange with the Palestinian Islamist movement to get your release.

In the 76-second video, with the title “A number of Zionist detainees send a message to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his Government”, you can see the women sitting on plastic chairs. One of them, located in the middle, asks the Israeli prime minister to conclude a prisoner exchange with Hamas to obtain their release

The Israeli army later reported that it rescued a soldier of his forces kidnapped by the Palestinian Islamist movement.


Argentine hostages: current situation and actions of the Government

Meanwhile, the Argentine state is working on finalizing the release of the hostages that, according to calculations of Chancelleryare 21 citizens with unknown whereabouts since October 7, when the conflict began.

The minister in charge of the Argentine embassy in Israel, Francisco Tropepiexplained that the youngest hostage among the more than 200 kidnapped is “a baby of only nine months” of Argentine nationality.

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President Alberto Fernandez reiterated last Friday the demand for immediate release of Argentine hostages in Gazaafter the chancellor Santiago Cafiero had a conversation with the secretary general of the UN, Antonio Guterresin which he requested the intermediation of that organization to achieve the release of the Argentine hostages and made the White Helmets so that the country collaborates with humanitarian aid.

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The escalation of violence in the region occurred from Hamas October 7 attack on Israeli territory, where he killed more than 1,400 peoplemost civiliansand took more than 200 hostages.

The campaign of bombings that Israel implemented as a response against the Gaza Stripgoverned by Hamasleave it now more than 8,500 dead.

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