The Frente Amplio summons Bustillo to the Senate for Uruguay’s position in the UN on Israel

The Frente Amplio summons Bustillo to the Senate for Uruguay’s position in the UN on Israel

He Broad Front (FA) will summon the Senate to Chancellor Francisco Bustillo to explain the position of Uruguay before the United Nations Organization (UN) by war between Israel and Hamas.

The bench of senators from the opposition force seeks that the minister of Foreign Relations (MREEE) detail the reasons for the Uruguayan abstention in the UN when the cessation of hostilities was voted in the Gaza Strip (Palestine).

In the general Assembly from the ONUheld last Friday the 27th, the motion for a cessation of hostilities in Gaza obtained 120 votes in favor, with 45 abstentions, among which was the Uruguayan, and 14 votes against.

Faced with this, the Political Table of the opposition party issued a statement through its official channels where it called for peace “in the face of the increase in innocent civilian victims in the area of ​​the conflict between the government of Israel and the terrorist organization Hamas.

The Broad Front accused the government of “irresponsible” for its position in the Israel – Hamas war

The National Political Table of the FA stated that “the immediate cessation of hostilities must be promoted, demanding the release of all hostages and the rapid installation of a negotiating table in search of peace.”

At the same time, he rejected “the irresponsible action of the Uruguayan government in the United Nations General Assembly, abstaining from decision-making regarding a motion that demanded an immediate, lasting and sustained humanitarian truce.”

Likewise, they reaffirmed that they are “a peaceful and pacifying political force.” Finally, they called on the Uruguayan government and political, social and religious organizations to “join a call for peace.”

The Broad Front senator Amanda Della Venturaassured today at a press conference that Uruguay’s abstention “means a setback in the way in which it has historically approached Uruguay regarding international conflicts”.

“An abstention when in reality what was requested was a peace truce for humanitarian aid” is “really serious” and “requires the chancellor to give the corresponding explanations.”

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