Ancap obtained a profit of US$132M in the third quarter

Ancap obtained a profit of US$132M in the third quarter

During the third quarter, the economic balance accumulated, it presented a balance in the monopolistic market, with a profit of 4 million dollars, with more than 2.5 billion dollars in turnover.

The state company achieved this result despite having given up 61 million dollars in sales below the import parity for the prices administered by the Executive powerand subsidize in a targeted manner supergas.

Added to the positive result of the monopolistic market is the profit of 45 million dollars from the non-monopoly businesses, as well as 29 million dollars from the net results of the related companies.

Likewise, it earned $31 million from fuel sales to UTE for electricity generation in the domestic market, among other income and financial results obtained mainly due to the appreciation of the peso against the dollar during much of the quarter.

The Portland business accumulates a loss of 22 million dollars

The loss-making Portland and lime business has already accumulated a loss of close to $22 million so far this year, as it crossed the line in the third quarter.

After the international call for the selection of a private partner for the Portland was declared void, Ancap will now arrange for a “reorganization of the business to mitigate losses” by reducing production costs.

Regarding supergas, the board of directors of the state company highlighted that the subsidy traditionally implicit in the product is being transformed into a focused one, so the gap is increasingly smaller with import parity for the rest of the demand.

Source: Ambito

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