Google confirmed that it will build the second data center in the region in Uruguay

Google confirmed that it will build the second data center in the region in Uruguay
October 31, 2023 – 20:08

The American company has already submitted the request for environmental authorization to locate its project in Canelones.

Representatives of Google They confirmed to the government that the multinational company will advance the construction of a global data center in Uruguay, the second of its kind in South America, which will be located in the Zona Franca Science Park, in Cannelloni.

After a series of back and forth, the company ratified the project, although it made its progress subject to obtaining the corresponding authorizations. Anyway, the ad was seen by the Executive as a gesture that “ratifies confidence in the country and the intention to Google to expand their investments.”

The representatives of Google, Eleonora Rabinovich, leader of Government Relations and Public Policies for Latin America; and Tamar Colodenco, Manager of Government Relations and Public Policies at Google for the Southern Cone; They communicated the decision during a meeting in the Executive Tower with the Secretary of the Presidency, Alvaro Delgado, and the ministers of Industry, Energy and Mining, Omar Paganini and Environment, Robert Bouvier.

There it was reported that the American firm presented the environmental impact study and the project document days ago, which constitute the previous steps to obtain the Prior Environmental Authorization (AAP).

As it turned out, the plans of Google They include “redefinitions in the size of the data center and a technological change that involves a new air cooling system,” which represents progress in environmental matters.

The data center joins the Firmina submarine cable

The technology company thus adds another milestone, after the arrival of the Firmina submarine cable, which will link Punta del Este with the east coast of USA. In this way, the country establishes itself as a destination for large technology companies and “strengthens its position as an innovation and technology hub for the region and the world,” the government highlighted.

At the same time, it is in a privileged position to take advantage of the opportunity to attract investments in the dynamic and growing data storage market, derived from the explosive development of the Artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things and Big Data.

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