The FA will summon Bustillo for the abstention in the UN on the conflict in the Middle East

The FA will summon Bustillo for the abstention in the UN on the conflict in the Middle East

Enrique Rubio, senator of the Wide Frontannounced that he will call the chancellor Francisco Bustillo to the Senate due to the abstention of Uruguay in response to the UN motion calling for an “immediate and lasting humanitarian truce” in the midst of the war between Israel and Hamas, which takes place in the Gaza Strip.

The senator assured that the decision of the Uruguay “does not follow the historical tradition in matters of international politics” since the country “was always in favor of the two states, the state of Israel and a Palestinian state, and of peace between them.”

In that sense, Rubio assured that the Wide Front consider the situation of Middle East as “extremely dramatic” and that the party rejects the terrorism of Hamas and also war crimes “wherever they come from.”

“There is a humanitarian situation that we believe must be contemplated in a way and the international community would have to intervene in a powerful way, so that paths to peace are opened and the most urgent humanitarian issues are resolved,” Rubio remarked.

Meetings between the FA, Israel and Palestine

The FA senator, Mario Vergaramet with Central Israelite Committee of Uruguay and with the embassies of Palestine and Israel in the country due to the conflict situation between the terrorist group Hamas and Israel. Vergara assured that they decided to hold these meetings “with the objective of transmitting empathy and solidarity in the face of the aberrant acts” initiated by the attack by the terrorist organization Hamas on October 7.

In that sense, the senator stressed that the party believes the humanitarian truce proposed by the UN. “Uruguay, By having abstained from this motion, it contradicts decades and decades of a perspective and values ​​that the country has had in the positioning of international relations,” he lamented.

Motion for a humanitarian truce

Last week the General Assembly of the UN approved a non-binding resolution calling for an “immediate and lasting humanitarian truce” regarding the conflict in the Middle East.

The initiative, presented by Jordan and which does not name either the terrorist group or the country, had 120 votes in favor, 14 against, among which was USA and 45 abstentions, among them the Uruguayan, despite the fact that the granddaughter of a citizen among the hostages.

Prior to the final vote, the Assembly refused to include an amendment of Canada that asked to expressly condemn Hamas for the attacks of October 7 that caused the death of more than 1,400 Israelis, most of them civilians.

Among the countries of the region, Paraguay and Guatemala against, while Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Colombia, Chile, Cuba, El Salvador and Peru they did it in favor. Among those who abstained, in addition to Uruguay, was Panama and countries like Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, Australia, India, Greece, Japan and Sweden.

The approved project “calls for an immediate, lasting and sustained humanitarian truce, leading to the cessation of hostilities” and rejects the forced transfer of the Palestinian civilian population.

In turn, the signatories demand the immediate and unconditional release of all civilians who are “illegally” captive and “humane treatment” for them, in reference to the hostages, whose freedom was requested by several Uruguayan references.

Source: Ambito

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