Cosse defines his position on the PIT-CNT plebiscite

Cosse defines his position on the PIT-CNT plebiscite
November 1, 2023 – 09:59

The mayor of Montevideo and eventual candidate for the Frente Amplio would confirm her position in an event on November 11. From those around her they affirm that she will sign the ballot.

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The mayor of Montevideo and eventual pre-candidate for the presidency of Uruguay for him Frente Amplio, Carolina Cosse, is preparing to announce its position regarding the plebiscite against the social security reform promoted by the PIT-CNT. Of the leaders who will participate in the internal Broad Front, she is the only one who has not yet expressed her opinion on the matter, although those around her assure that she will give her support to the initiative of the union center.

He plebiscite against the social security reform of the PIT-CNT, which is currently in its signature collection campaign stage, was a cause of internal debate for the Wide Front that, in general terms, does not agree with the idea of ​​a constitutional reform to introduce changes in pension matters. To the point that the decision was to give freedom of action, and for each party to be responsible for the possible political cost that, on this occasion, standing on the side of the union center may have.

In that sense, and having returned from his trip to Türkiye, where he presided World Council of the Summit of Local and Regional Leaders (UCLG), Cosse would be preparing the ground to confirm his position. His possible opponents for the place on the list have already done so: the mayor of Andrés Lima Falls signed the ballot; while the mayor of cannelloni —and main candidate— Yamandu Orsi and the senate Mario Bergara They rejected the PIT-CNT initiative. Meanwhile, the silence of the capital’s mayor, which also extends to the official acceptance of her pre-candidacy, was criticized.

Cosse’s stance

Although Cosse has been careful not to express obvious opinions regarding the plebiscite, many of the parties that support his candidacy have already confirmed their support for the PIT-CNT proposal.

In this regard, the Communist Party (PCU), bastion of his candidacy and one of the main standard-bearers of the plebiscite, maintains that his pre-candidate’s position is already decided: “she is going to sign, she is going to sign,” said, in that sense, a senior communist leader to El País, ensuring that “There is no doubt that he will sign.”

For his part, Cosse had promised the definition once the National Plenary in mid-October, in which the Frente Amplio defined freedom of action regarding the plebiscite. However, the mayor did not express herself and then she was out of the country on diplomatic activities for almost the rest of the month. At that time she had promised that she would express herself “as always with total clarity.”

The greatest possibility is that, finally, it will take a position during the event on November 11 at the Rodo Park, where he will also officially confirm his pre-candidacy under the motto “Let’s go to the front with Carolina”.

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