The opposition defended its primaries and ratified Machado’s candidacy for 2024

The opposition defended its primaries and ratified Machado’s candidacy for 2024

Unitary Platformthe main Venezuelan opposition party, ratified its support for the presidential candidacy of the former assemblywoman Maria Corina Machadothe internal winning candidate of the primary elections that were held October 22. And they confirmed her support even though she carries a disqualification from holding public office.

“Nothing nor nobody can erase hope of the Venezuelan people. The resounding triumph of our friend and colleague María Corina Machado It’s a mandate. The unitary candidate is María Corina Machado and with her we are going to win the presidential election 2024″. declared Biagio Pilieri, the space spokesperson. “Nothing can distract us from that result. We are not going to fall into provocations of any kind or in confrontations that have nothing to do with electoral matters,” he added.


Machado, at the head of the opposition: what was the PASO of the Unitary Platform like?

The internal ones for choose the rival of the president Nicolas Maduro (if you confirm your candidacy), were held in a manner self-managed. with a participation of 2.4 million voters as revealed by its organizers. The victory for Machado would have reached 92% of the votesalthough some data on the final scrutiny.

For its part, Chavismo did not know the result and denounced irregularities in the vote figures, while a deputy whom the Platform described as a “collaborator of the ruling party” to the electoral court.

With the words of the spokesperson at a press conference in Caracas, the alliance came out to reject the decision of the Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ) who ordered the suspension of “all effects” of the election.

“The primary was an absolute, resounding and unobjectionable success and neither summons nor sentences are going to erase that,” added Pilieri. And he added, in a forceful tone: “It is very clear: the government lost and the country won.”

Elections in Venezuela: how Chavismo and the opposition arrive

The primaries were held five days later that the government and the opposition agreed, at a dialogue tablehold the presidential elections in the second half of 2024 with observers of the European Union and other international actors.

Washington, in response, eased sanctions on oil and mining matters for six monthsbut warned that he can install them “if the Venezuelan Executive “he doesn’t keep his end of the deal”.

An issue that was not resolved in the dialogue are the disqualifications of opponents. In its ruling, the supreme court confirmed the sanction against Machado referring to her as “citizen firmly disqualified for 15 years” for alleged corruption and promoting sanctions.

“The disqualification was resolved for us on the 22nd Octoberwhen the people expressed themselves,” said Pilieri.

For the opposition leader, “whatever they do to those who were hurt by the primary, they are not going to manage to erase the hope that was reborn in a town nor the democratic joy that the result of that event generated among Venezuelans.”

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