Pope Francis affirmed that anti-Semitism exists and did not happen

Pope Francis affirmed that anti-Semitism exists and did not happen

“Every war is a defeat. Nothing is solved with war. Nothing. Everything is won with peace and dialogue. They entered the kibbutzim and took hostages and killed. And then came the reaction. The Israelis went to look for those hostages to save them.” This is how the Dad in the long interview with the director of Rai’s Tg1 news program, Gian Marco Chiocci, broadcast after the 8:00 p.m. news program in Italy.

“In war, one slap provokes another. One strong and another even stronger and so it goes. War is a defeat. I felt it like another defeat. Two peoples that must live together. With that wise solution: two peoples two states. The Oslo agreement: two very limited states and Jerusalem with a special status“.

Anti-Semitism exists, the Holocaust was not enough

When asked if he fears a resurgence of anti-Semitism, the Pope Francisco He answered yes. “Unfortunately, Anti-Semitism – he stated – remains hidden. We see it in young people, for example. It is true that in this case it is very big but there is always something anti-Semitic and it is not always enough to see the Holocaust they committed in World War IIthose 6 million murdered, enslaved. And it didn’t happen. Unfortunately, it didn’t happen. “I won’t be able to explain it and I have no explanation, it’s a fact that I see it and I don’t like it.”

“Maradona and Messi are two greats, but I would add Pelé”

Also in the talk there was room for lighter topics like football.

A few hours after Lionel Messi will win the eighth Ballon d’Orthe question about Argentine compatriots was inevitable.

Maradona or Messi? “I would add a third, Pelé“This is how he responded Pope Francisco to the question of who he preferred between the two Argentine champions.

“Maradona was a great player, a great one. But as a man he failed -said the Pontiff-. The poor he let himself be carried away by those who praised him, they were behind him and did not help him. He came to see me in my first year of Pontificate. It is curious but many athletes end badly, even in boxing,” said Francisco.

Regarding Messi he said that “He’s great, he’s a gentleman”.

“But I would add a third that for I was a great man and he is Pelé: a man with heart” he expressed.

“I will travel to Dubai for COP 28”

“Yeah, I will go to Dubai. I think I’ll go from 1 until December 3. I will stay there for three days.” Thus, the Pope, in the interview with the director of Tg1 of the RAI, Gian Marco Chiocci, responded to the question of whether it is true that he will go to Dubai for the COP28 on climate.

The topics addressed

Of the war in the Middle East to the Ukraine conflict, with the call to lay down arms. But also the balance of Synodthe role of women in the Church, the need for renewal. There are many topics addressed by Pope Francis in the exclusive interview with Rai.

He also spoke in the foreground of the issue of migratory flows, the fundamental role of Europe to help the countries of first arrival of immigrants, the climate emergency with the Pope’s call to stop climate change.

In the talk there was also space for the private life of Bergoglio: he most difficult moment of his pontificateyour state of healthhis life childhis bride Before taking the vows, your nostalgia by the sea, his favorite footballer.

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