Trump’s children testify in financial fraud trial

Trump’s children testify in financial fraud trial

New York-Both former US President Donald Trump and three of his children were present yesterday at the civil trial taking place in New York for financial fraud that threatens his real estate empire.

After the trial resumed with the questioning of other witnesses, the family clan parade began with Donald Trump Jr., 45, and will continue today with Eric Trump, 39, if all goes according to plan.

Both are executive vice presidents of the Trump Organization, a conglomerate of companies that manage residential and office skyscrapers, luxury hotels and golf courses around the world.

Like their father, they are accused by New York State Attorney General Letitia James of inflating the group’s assets by hundreds of millions of dollars to obtain more advantageous bank loans and better conditions. the insurances.

“Leave my children alone, Engoron. You are a disgrace to the judicial profession,” Donald Trump wrote on his Truth Social network about the investigating judge of the case, Arthur Engoron.

True to his style, he has also accused the judge of being “crazy, totally unbalanced and dangerous” and of “doing the Democratic Party’s dirty work.”

Since the start of the trial, on October 2, the judge has already imposed fines on the Republican billionaire – $5,000 and $10,000 – for attacking the judicial secretary of the court trying him.

If the judge sticks to the schedule, Donald Trump Sr., 77, will be questioned on Monday. His daughter, Ivanka Trump, who left the Trump Organization in 2017 to join the White House as an advisor to the 45th president of the United States, will follow him two days later, although she is not indicted.

Long associated with the family business, Donald Jr. and Eric Trump took over the reins of the Trump Organization when their father arrived at the White House.

They are fervent political allies of the former American president, an unwavering loyalty that they display daily in the media and on social networks, so they are not expected to deviate from the line set by the defense in this trial with enormous media impact.

Lawyers maintain that the valuation of the group’s assets, such as Trump Tower and the 40 Wall Street building, were subjective but honest, and that the banks did not lose a single dollar by lending money to the Trump Organization.

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