Guillermo Maciel denied the intention of hiding messages with Ache

Guillermo Maciel denied the intention of hiding messages with Ache

The undersecretary of Interior, Guillermo Maciel, He said on Monday during his statement at the Prosecutor’s Office that there was “no intention in hiding” his communications with the former vice chancellor. Carolina Ache about the drug dealer Sebastian Marset; what is understood as a lie based on the disclosure of the audios that led to the resignation of the chancellor Francisco Bustillo and that promises to raise the political cost for other leaders of Uruguay.

The contradictions between those involved in the new political scandal that is shaking the government continue to appear: now, Ache’s complaints – which merited the opening of a second investigation into the delivery of the Uruguayan passport to Marset – go in line contrary to what Maciel declared before the prosecutor of Specialized and Complex Crimes, Alejandro Machadoat the beginning of the week.

According to the minister’s second Luis Alberto Heberas he expressed to Radio Carve once his appearance at the Prosecutor’s Office was over, “there was no no intention to hide that there were two communications with the undersecretary.” This, in reference to the questioning made to the head of the Interior and the now former chancellor in November 2022. “What was proposed in the preparation was to tell everything that had happened in the process,” Maciel explained.

He even added that when they asked for Ache’s cell phone messages, they “even had the facility to say ‘what day do they want to search’.”

However, Ache’s statements yesterday made it clear that both Bustillo and the presidential advisor Roberto Lafluf They asked the officials to delete the messages they had exchanged regarding Marset. If these allegations are actually verified—something very possible, considering the evidentiary material—the undersecretary could face not only the political consequences of their participation in the case, but there could also be retaliation from legal tone.

Statements in Justice and resignation of Bustillo

The so far last chapter of the investigation surrounding the delivery of the Uruguayan passport to Marset began this week, with the appearance of senior officials in the Prosecutor’s Office. First of all, he declared Maciel and then Heber, who maintained that “the only thing new that exists now is the sentence of Arab Emirates where it shows that the Lord Marset was not released because of the passport, but he was released for the reason that determined it in the Arab Emirates.”

“Let it be clear that the granting of a passport in itself is not the liberation of anyone. There are people imprisoned today Uruguay “He has a passport and is still serving his sentence,” the leader explained.

Finally, ache yesterday he expressed his point of view and complicated Bustillo, who was accused of having tried to hinder the investigation, asking the former leader to “lose her cell phone,” among other statements in that regard.

When the conflict escalated, in the face of criticism from the Wide Front and part of the ruling party, Bustillo He finally submitted his resignation from office, at the request of Lacalle Pou, who is on an official trip USA.

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