Laura Raffo assured that state bureaucracy makes Uruguay an expensive country

Laura Raffo assured that state bureaucracy makes Uruguay an expensive country

The economist and presidential candidate for the National Party (PN), Laura Raffoassured that “state bureaucracy” is one of the factors that makes Uruguay It is an expensive country to live in.

Raffo He pointed out against the formation of prices based on the processes for importing and certifying products, which are accessed “mostly by the original manufacturing companies.”

The PN leader indicated that lowering the cost of living will be one of her program proposals for the internal elections, where it is speculated that she will compete with the Senator Jorge Gandini (confirmed pre-candidacy) and the Secretary of the Presidency, Álvaro Delgado.

Yesterday, Wednesday, in dialogue with En Perspectiva, the candidate positively valued the government for “recovering the business climate so that investments arrive” and doing “an exceptional job in controlling the inflation“.

However, he stressed that “any Uruguayan knows that Uruguay “It is an expensive country in comparative terms,” ​​and that this situation has been going on for years, so the blame does not fall solely on the current government.

“It is a structurally expensive country,” he pointed out, and warned about the situation of small merchants in the coast of the country, where the exchange difference with Argentina and smuggling, due to the notable price gap between both countries.

Exchange difference: Raffo suggested that coastal merchants can import

Raffo indicated about the existence of “a series of certifications, fees, registrations and controls” that hinder opportunities to do business in Uruguay for small merchants, mainly due to the “state cost”.

Regarding this, he called for “renewing” and “simplifying” the “state bureaucracy”, and offering the possibility to small coastal merchants to import to alleviate the loss of customers who are choosing to make their purchases in the Argentina.

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