Storm Ciarán left at least 10 dead

Storm Ciarán left at least 10 dead
November 3, 2023 – 09:38

Most of the deaths occurred due to trees falling due to strong gusts of wind. Record rains were caused in Italy.

The storm Ciaránwhich broke out in Europe since yesterday, caused havoc in several regions of the continent, leaving at least 10 people deceased and serious Damage to infrastructure and transportation. The authorities of various countries had to deal with the damage caused by the storm which is heading east after hitting the Atlantic coast.

The most deaths were due to falling trees caused by the gusts of wind. Between the victims they find each other two in Belgium, two in France, one in Spain, one in Germany and another in the Netherlands. In Madrid, A woman lost her life after being hit by a tree in the center of the city, as confirmed by the emergency service of the Spanish capital.

In Italy, the storm left three dead in Tuscanyin the center-north of the country, where it caused record rains, according to local authorities. The governor of the region, Eugenio Giani, decreed the state of emergency and pointed out that what happened in Tuscany is a clear example of the effects of climate change.

Storm Ciarán


For his part, the northwest of the iberian peninsula was one of the most affected areas in Spain, where the authorities asked citizens to take extreme precautions. In Galicia, some coastal areas were in red alert levelindicating a extreme risk due to strong winds. Furthermore, certain areas of the coast of Basque Country were also in Red alertwith waves that could reach 8 or 9 meters.

In Valencia, east of Spain, they broke out several fires which were aggravated by the wind, forcing the evacuation of several towns. Furthermore, in Belgium, a little girl ukrainian from five years and one women of 64 years died from falling trees, while in France, a trucker died in the department of Aisne after the impact of a tree. A man also lost his life in Le Havre after falling from his balcony due to strong winds.

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Transportation chaos and flight cancellations

The chaos is extended to transportationwith the interruption from the railway traffic in Flanders, Belgium, and disruptions across the country. In France, about 1.2 million homes were left without electricitywith the Brittany region being the worst affected, where 780,000 homes were left in the dark. Cornwall, in the south of England, faced large waves driven by winds from up to 135 km/hourresulting in more than 8,500 homes without power and the closure of hundreds of schools.

Netherlands warned of powerful wind gusts of up to 110 km/hwhich led to the cancellation of some 200 flights at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. Even the cycling championships against the wind in the Netherlands had to be voided due to extreme weather conditions.

In the case of Eurostar, which operates trains between several European countries, the company urged passengers to postpone your plans travel as much as possible due to traffic disruption.

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