Lacalle Pou debuts in the regional forum with which the US seeks to counteract China’s role in America

Lacalle Pou debuts in the regional forum with which the US seeks to counteract China’s role in America

President Luis Lacalle Pou debuts this Friday at Alliance for Economic Prosperity in the Americas (APEP), the first summit of the forum created by the American president, Joe Bidenin its desire to counteract China’s influence in Latin America.

“I have regained optimism in our relationship with the USA, We were a little left out, perhaps we complained more. It’s not begging for things, it’s that Uruguay has a lot to give to the world,” Lacalle Pou reflected on Thursday in another meeting on the sidelines of this Friday’s main event.

In addition to the host and UruguayRepresentatives of Chili, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Dominican Republic, Canada and Barbados They attend the appointment at White House.

Several of these countries, such as Colombia, Mexico and Chile, have come to Washington angry about an issue that has nothing to do with APEP, but could be brought up: the Israeli bombings in the Gaza Stripwhich have caused more than 9,000 deaths, according to sources from Hamasin retaliation for a terrorist attack by the group in Israel which left at least 1,400 people, mostly civilians. Latin American leaders could take the opportunity to ask Biden to promote a ceasefire.

Trade, central issue on the agenda in the United States

In any case, all the presidents present at the APEP summit came to USA with the same claim: that he has left them aside on a commercial level. Chinaan unavoidable trade partner of Latin America, has taken the opportunity to gain weight with a checkbook.

During the meeting, Biden “will reiterate the commitment to deepen the economic integration“in America, “promote more inclusive and sustainable economic growth” and address the “underlying” economic factors of irregular migration, said the White House, AFP reported. On the agenda it is also planned that they will talk about clean energies for the advancement of the decarbonizationtools to mobilize investment and supply chains.

In a Responsible Investment Forum co-organized by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), several countries insisted on Thursday that the summit not remain a dead end and have asked for “specific projects” that will lead to results.

In this regard, President Lacalle Pou sent a clear message at the IDB forum. “What we talked about with other leaders and with President Biden is that the body, the elbow, must be taken care of when it is healthy, not when it is broken. Because when it is broken, it must be fixed, and it no longer remains the same. So , Uruguay It is a country to bet on, where those who arrive stay,” he explained.

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