Israel asked its citizens to avoid traveling and displaying Jewish symbols

Israel asked its citizens to avoid traveling and displaying Jewish symbols
November 3, 2023 – 15:06

Amid the escalation of violence that began on October 7, the Israeli government is preparing for a “significant increase in anti-Semitism.”

The Israeli authorities They recommended to their citizens postpone trips abroad and do not display Israeli and Jewish symbolsin the middle of conflict they maintain with Gaza and the military group Hamas. After Israel attack on the Gaza Stripthe government highlighted a “significant rise in anti-Semitism around the world.”

“We see a incitement to antisemitismand the likelihood of attacks that could endanger the lives of Israelis and Jews around the world,” said the Israeli National Security Council.

In this way, they recommended that residents not travel to the countries or territories in which there are specific alertsespecially those who They belong to the Middle East, areas surrounding Iran and the northern Caucasus. Although incidents were recorded in these areas, they consider it appropriate postpone any type of non-essential travel.


Authorities also urged citizens to stay away from demonstrations.

The authorities also urged citizens to stay out of demonstrations.

Between the potential attack targetsIsrael identified synagogues, kosher restaurants and companies linked to Israelis, as well as airports to which flights from Israeli territory may arrive.

US to send fuel to Gaza

He US Secretary of State., Anthony Blinkenassured that, together with Israeli officials, they managed to identify mechanisms to “allow fuel to reach hospitals and other needs.

While the health situation in Gaza continues to weaken, the arrival of fuel to operate the hospitals in the area was part of the discussion.

still unknown when can they be launched these mechanisms, since the Israeli Army has difficulties in ensuring that the fuel be for humanitarian purposes and not for military weapons. Blinken assured that conversations will continue, especially “about how to get aid flowing, even with the United Nations aid”.

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