The global dollar fell and dragged down the local price

The global dollar fell and dragged down the local price

He dollar in the world sank to six-week lows, and in Uruguay The US currency was chained to this general performance, falling from the 40 peso range just one day after having arrived after more than 10 months without reaching that price.

The optimism for dollar at 40 pesos it didn’t last long: with a 0.49% drop At the close of trading yesterday, the currency was quoted at 39,821 pesos according to data from the Central Bank of Uruguay (BCU)moving away significantly from the value achieved.

In this way, it widened the gap for the year from 0.13% to 0.62%. And in just the two exchange sessions that November has had so far, the accumulated decline is 0.38%.

However, this negative behavior was not due to factors inherent to the local exchange marketbut to the events that occurred in the world, which had a direct and practically immediate impact on the price in Uruguay.

The global dollar hit six-week lows

Yesterday he global dollar hit six-week lows after employment data was released USA, which were worse than expected and reflected the creation of fewer jobs.

In this sense, the dollar index —which compares the US currency against a basket of the six main currencies in the world— fell 1.1% to 105.03 units; Although the minimum it reached on the day was 104.93, the lowest value since September 20. This drop was also the largest since July.

On the other hand, if the week is considered “end to end”, the dollar fell 1.4%also recording its worst performance since July.

This international context inevitably has an impact on the Uruguayan exchange market, which had a very positive October, with a cumulative appreciation of 3.68%. Considering the behavior since August, also, the positive variation had reached 6.73%.

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