The Frente Amplio showed its disagreement with the government’s response to the Marset case

The Frente Amplio showed its disagreement with the government’s response to the Marset case

He Broad Front (FA) showed his disagreement with the government’s response after the scandal due to the repercussions of the Marset case, which led to the resignation of three leaders of the Executive Branch and an advisor to the president. Luis Lacalle Pou.

The president of the opposition force, Fernando Pereiraaccompanied by Frente Amplista leaders and legislators, questioned the head of state today at a press conference for his actions and that of his ministers regarding the delivery of the passport to the drug trafficker. Sebastian Marset in 2021.

From the FA they understand that the resignations of the former chancellor Francisco Bustillothe former Minister of the Interior, Luis Alberto Heberthe former undersecretary of the Interior, Guillermo Macieland the former Presidential Communication Advisor, Roberto Laflufare not enough, and they demanded that the government be more clear on the issue.

“For the FA, the country comes first, democratic strengthening and the care of institutions,” he highlighted. Pereira at the beginning of the press conference, and commented that despite the president’s explanations yesterday, the resignation of the ministers was not what they had asked for, but rather their dismissals.

“It hurts us all when someone asks another to lose their cell phone,” referring to the call between Bustillo and the former vice chancellor, Carolina Achewhere the first one advises that he “lose” his cell phone, which contained private conversations that warned about the danger of giving a passport to Sebastian Marset when he was imprisoned in Dubai (United Arab Emirates)due to his history as a drug trafficker.

On the other hand, he pointed out that it also “hurts” and “moves” them the fact that an advisor to the president “can tear up a public document,” in reference to the direct destruction of a State document on the subject by Roberto Lafluf.

“The president gave the order to Lafluf that he agreed to ache and Maciel about what to do with the chats, when there was already a request to hand over those chats to Justice,” he stated Pereira.

“This clearly violates a judicial decision,” stressed the party leader. From the FA they showed their distrust due to the fact that Lacalle Pou affirmed that none of the officials involved committed crimes, but nevertheless, accepted the resignation of all of them. “One of two things is wrong,” he said. Pereira about.

The FA leader went further and maintained that they are “very concerned” because “it is forcefully stated that the passport, even if it is to a drug trafficker, had to be given to him,” when “governments have the discretion to give or not give a passport.” .

“60% of the positions of ministers and undersecretaries have been dismissed due to various scandals”

“In the current government, practically 60% of the positions of ministers and undersecretaries have been dismissed due to various scandals, some of which are still being investigated,” the leader recalled.

“One knows that ministers are fuses of a government, but when there are so many fuses there is a short circuit that must be able to be stopped,” he said. Pereirabefore stating that “the president is convinced that he has turned the page, and the page has just begun, we cannot allow drug trafficking to get into politics,” he criticized.

Pereira expressed that there is no longer any doubt that “we must legislate on transparency, otherwise we are going to complain when our institutions are invaded by an economic power of this magnitude,” in reference to drug trafficking.

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