I’m not in good health

I’m not in good health
November 6, 2023 – 07:22

The Supreme Pontiff admitted health problems during an audience with European rabbis.

He Pope Francisco He admitted in the first hearing on Monday morning, November 6, that he could not read the prepared speech due to his state of health. He said it precisely at the meeting he had scheduled with the European rabbis.

“Good morning, I welcome you -Jorge Bergoglio told them- Thank you for this visit, which I really like, but it happens that I am not in good health and that is why I prefer not to read the speech, but to give it to you so that you can take it with you.”

This is how Pope Francis spoke, with a tired voice, at the beginning of the audience with the European rabbis.

The Pontiff has several audiences scheduled in the morning and in the afternoon, in the Paul VI Hall, he will also meet 7,000 children from 84 countries.

The Vatican has not yet provided details, but it could probably be a temporary illness due to the change of season as Italy is changing the climate and approaching winter.

Source: Ambito

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