Israel gives four-hour ultimatum to evacuate civilians to southern Gaza

Israel gives four-hour ultimatum to evacuate civilians to southern Gaza

The Israel Defense Forces have established a new period of four hours, to favor the movement of civilians who are in the north of the Gaza Strip, towards southern areas. The warning is given prior to new bombings in the area, on coastal territories controlled by Hamas.

The warning was made this Monday through a military spokesperson, who explained on his social network account X (formerly Twitter) the opening of a new period of evacuations this Monday. During this time, the military authority said Israel will allow the use of the main highway that connects with the southern part of Loop.

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The Israeli armed forces have announced that they will offer four hours to the civilian population of the Gaza Strip to be able to travel to the south of the territory. This was announced by the spokesperson, in charge of speaking with the Arab media, of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), Avichay Adraee.

The spokesman announced that the IDF will allow Palestinian civilians to travel on the Salah al-Din road starting tomorrow, between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.local time.

Adraee has taken advantage of the communication to launch a warning for the entire population of the Gaza Strip: “For your safety, take advantage of the next moment to move south beyond Wadi Gaza.” In addition, the IDF soldier wanted to highlight the attack by the terrorist group Hamas against the Israeli army during this Saturday, attacking Israeli forces with mortar and anti-tank projectiles. According to Adraee, they wanted to open the road from the north of the Gaza Strip to the south in order to protect themselves. According to the military, this attack has caused the opening of the route to the south of Loop It didn’t open before.

The representative of the Israeli armed forces ended up addressing, in an empathetic manner, the civilian population of Gaza, asking them to follow the instructions of the IDF and protect themselves: “If you care about yourself and your loved ones, head south following our instructions. Rest assured, Hamas leaders are already taking measures to protect themselves,” the IDF representative concluded.

War in the Middle East: Israel divided the Gaza Strip in two and continues bombing

The Armed Forces of Israel They completed the siege of the city of Loop and they left the fractured Stripe in two areas, one in the north and another in the south, while the Secretary of State of the United States, Antony Blinken, He continued his tour of the region with visits to Palestine, Iraq and Cyprus.

Israeli troops “They surrounded Gaza City and now there is a southern Gaza and a northern Gaza”said the spokesperson for the Armed Forces, Daniel Hagari, and assured that the transit of civilians from the north to the south of the enclave would continue to be allowed.

Meanwhile, Blinken visited the Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas, to discuss Israel’s offensive against the Islamist movement Hamas and said Palestinians should not be displaced from Gaza, after another Israeli bombing killed dozens of people in the besieged territory.

To see Abbas, the head of American diplomacy traveled without prior notice to the West Bank, the others palestinian territories, after visiting Israel and Jordan, where he asked for pauses in the bombings that the Israeli Army launches in Loop since the Hamas attacks last month, in order to get aid to Palestinian civilians in the enclave.

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