Paganini assured that he was surprised by Lacalle Pou’s offer to be chancellor

Paganini assured that he was surprised by Lacalle Pou’s offer to be chancellor
November 6, 2023 – 1:55 p.m.

The still Minister of Industry, Energy and Mining was appointed as chancellor in place of Francisco Bustillo.

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Omar Paganini He assured that he was surprised by the president’s offer Luis Lacalle Pou to take the place of chancellor after the resignation of Francisco Bustillo – in the middle of a political crisis that has the Uruguay – although he stressed that it is a challenge and an important recognition for which he is grateful to the president.

The new chancellor will take office in the next few hours, in a context colored by a political crisis over the delivery of the passport to drug trafficker Sebastián Marset that caused the resignation of Luis Alberto Heber, Guillermo Maciel, Francisco Bustillo and Roberto Lafluf.

Paganini assured at a press conference that President Lacalle Pou’s offer took him “a little off.” surprise”, although he assured that it is an important challenge and a recognition of the president” which he greatly appreciates.

Regarding the political crisis that the government is going through after the presentation of audios by the vice chancellor, Carolina Ache, in the Prosecutor’s Office, Paganini did not give many statements. “You will imagine that I have not yet taken office, much less am I going to give opinions on what has happened, but I also believe that the president was very clear the other day at the press conference and the issue is in the hands of justice, so I prefer to focus on the future development of the Chancellery”, said.

Paganini’s appointment worries Orsi

Asked by the press regarding current events and changes in government, Mayor Canelones, Yamandu Orsiassured that he is concerned about the change in the MMinistry of Industry, Energy and Mining (MIEM) since they were working very well with the administration.

“It is a ministry that particularly from Canelones we articulated very well. Now it is like turning a page and starting from scratch again, but I hope it continues along the same lines or, at least, our ties continue as they should be,” estimated the mayor. The new Minister of Industry, Energy and Mining is Elisa Facio, who served as General Director of the MIEM Secretariat.

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