José Mujica affirmed that Uruguay is looking like a banana republic

José Mujica affirmed that Uruguay is looking like a banana republic
November 6, 2023 – 19:15

The former president was concerned about the country’s international image after the political crisis over the Marset case.

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The former president of the Republic for Broad Front (FA), Jose MujicaI affirm that Uruguay is looking like “a banana republic” after the series of government scandals that led to the current political crisis over the case of the delivery of a passport to narco Sebastián Marset.

The FA leader expressed today in an interview with 970 Universal that “we are more like a banana republic than that Uruguay that everyone tended to respect despite its limitations, but that was institutionally differentiated in this very turbulent continent.

Asked about the repercussions of the Marset case, which led to the recent resignations of former Foreign Minister Francisco Bustillo and the former Minister of the Interior. Luis Alberto Heberamong other officials, the former president pointed out that as he heard through international news, the country was “very badly off.”

“This (the Marset case) has led to a set of doubts that will take time to raise,” he said in reference to the involvement and responsibilities of the former leaders of the government and the president himself. Luis Lacalle Pouin the delivery of the document to the drug trafficker, when he was imprisoned in Dubai (United Arab Emirates) in 2021.

“It hurts the international image of the country”

Mujicaexpressed that what “hurts him the most” about the whole matter is “the international image that this country has sown,” which has also been marred by other recent scandals, such as the Astesian casehe Penadés caseor direct appointments in the Joint Technical Commission (CTM) of Big Jump.

“We have to stand up, because we are in a super-informed world, things are moving forward, and (despite) the defenses we can make, the image is already planted,” said the former head of state. “I think that is the biggest loss that all this has, the rest will be awarded by Justice,” the Frente Amplista said.

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