UN chief warned that Gaza is becoming a children’s graveyard

UN chief warned that Gaza is becoming a children’s graveyard

In that sense, he insisted on a cessation of the attacks: “The catastrophe that is developing makes the need for a humanitarian ceasefire becomes more urgent with each passing hour“he said in dialogue with journalists at the United Nations headquarters in New York.

Gaza is becoming a children’s graveyard. “Hundreds of girls and boys are reportedly killed or injured every day,” she noted.

“The parties to the conflict and the international community face an immediate and fundamental responsibility: to stop this inhuman collective suffering and radically expand humanitarian aid to Gaza,” Guterres said, emphasizing: “The nightmare in Gaza is more than a humanitarian crisis. It is a crisis of humanity“he highlighted.

Attacks in Gaza escalate and Netanyahu rejects a ceasefire

The conflict broke out with intensity after militants from the Islamist group on October 7 Hamas killed around 1,400 people in Israeli territorymostly civilians, including young people who were participating in an electronic music festival.

Israel then launched a series of incessant bombings and ground incursions into the Gaza Strip in retaliation. According to the Ministry of Health of the Hamas-ruled territory, 10,022 people diedincluding more than 4,000 children.

The UN chief denounced that “More journalists died in a four-week period than in any other conflict in the last three decades“. The Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) recorded until this date at least 36 journalists and media employees (31 Palestinians, 4 Israelis, 1 Lebanese) killed since October 7.

AND “More UN aid workers killed than in any comparable period in the history of our organization,” lamented the Secretary-General, and paid tribute to the 89 dead members of the UN agency for Palestinian refugees (UNRWA).

For his part, the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu rejected calls for a ceasefire and considered that “they are calling on Israel to surrender to Hamas,” and assured that “that will not happen.”

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