The number of young unemployed people in Wels is increasing

The number of young unemployed people in Wels is increasing

“Long-term unemployment is falling even further year-on-year, but we have more male, young and low-skilled job seekers,” says Othmar Kraml, head of the Wels employment service. There is a decline in vacancies, especially in unskilled and office jobs. “We are also seeing more job seekers and a decline in vacancies in the leasing sector,” says Kraml. Overall, the number of job vacancies remains good at 3,181 (minus 537 compared to the previous year; –249 compared to the previous month), but is now lower than the number of job seekers.

Fewer long-term unemployed people

In the two neighboring districts of Grieskirchen and Eferding one can still speak of full employment.

In the Grieskirchen district, unemployment was 2.6 percent at the end of October, which is the fourth lowest unemployment rate in Upper Austria. “Long-term unemployment, pre-registration periods and length of stay continue to decline,” says Franz-Reinhold Forster, head of the Grieskirchen employment service. The 808 registered unemployed people are compared to 1,081 open positions. 321 are preparing for (re-)entry into the job in training courses. “The momentum on the labor market is unbroken, but the winter months remain uncertain, although economic researchers’ forecasts for the first quarter of 2024 are cautiously optimistic,” says Forster. The currently 58 apprenticeship seekers can choose from 249 apprenticeship offers.

In Eferding, unemployment was 2.1 percent at the end of October (September: 2.3 percent). 337 people are currently registered with the AMS as job seekers and 182 are completing training.

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