Doskozil: Wrong policies are to blame for the increase in anti-Semitism

Doskozil: Wrong policies are to blame for the increase in anti-Semitism
Hans Peter Doskozil

The increase in anti-Semitic crimes following the escalation in the Middle East is largely “the result of a wrong migration policy and a wrong integration policy.” Doskozil sees the federal government, but also the states, as having a duty when it comes to integration.

In order to solve the “migration problem”, process centers outside the European Union are needed, he promoted the model he developed for the SPÖ a few years ago together with Carinthia’s Governor Peter Kaiser. Repressive measures such as stricter border controls are not a solution, the procedural system must be changed, said Doskozil at the “Business Talk” from Thomas Prantner’s consulting agency C3.

Decisions about asylum must already be made outside the EU and it must be clear how the distribution within the Union will take place if the decision is positive and how the route back home will take place if the decision is negative. According to the state governor, who is now clearly alienated from the federal party, he assumes that this paper is still valid for the federal SPÖ. However, he cannot rule out that the large number of applications at the federal party conference on November 11th and 12th in Graz, which he will be away from due to commitments to the Burgenland state holiday, will undermine the paper in “one facet or another”.

However, it is relatively clear to him that the Burgenland delegates at the party conference will give their vote to Andreas Babler, his former rival for the party chairmanship, in his election as SPÖ leader. He also assumes that Babler will be supported in the National Council election campaign – “we are all Social Democrats.”

He himself sees his future in Burgenland. If the poll numbers are correct, he will remain the top candidate in the 2025 state elections and then also in Burgenland. At the end of the legislative period, when he will be 60, politics will be over. “You wear yourself out.”

Doskozil once again clearly criticized Mateschitz’s “bashing” from the SPÖ’s ranks in the debate about a millionaires’ tax. The late Red Bull founder Dietrich Mateschitz is the worst example of questions of redistribution and justice; he did a lot for Salzburg, Upper Styria and medicine in Austria – completely different from René Benko, for example. “They’re all cowboys who rode around and believed they could use the low interest rate situation of the past few years to set up some kind of pyramid scheme. And now it’s all collapsing.” Investor Michael Tojner, with whom the state of Burgenland is fighting a legal dispute surrounding the Pannonia, Riedenhof and Gesfö housing associations, is also, in his view, a “soldier of fortune, cross-border” in this area.

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