Who will be the successor to “Inflation”? Search for “word of the year”

Who will be the successor to “Inflation”?  Search for “word of the year”
The search for the word of the year has begun.
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“Inflation” was Austria’s “Word of the Year” last year and is therefore no longer on the ballot this year. The search for his successor has been underway since Tuesday: the topics are definitely similar to those of the previous year. “Greed inflation”, “excess profits tax”, “shrinkflation” and “rent control” are competing for the successor. Voting at https://oewort.at has already started and is possible until December 4th.

The Society for Austrian German has once again compiled a list of candidates in cooperation with the APA – Austria Press Agency. Words that have struck Austrians positively or negatively since the end of last year could be sent to the jury beforehand. We are looking for the successor to “inflation”, which was named “Word of the Year” in 2022.

This year, in addition to the terms already mentioned at the beginning, there are “climate glue”, the “Chancellor’s menu” (a McDonald’s burger, note), the “32-hour week”, the “stupidity”, “soil erosion” and “confusion”. (for problems with the “Excel” program) to choose from.

“Statement emergency” hot candidate for “bad word of the year”

Candidates for the “unword of the year” include “need to make statements” (with reference to the defense strategy of ex-Chancellor Sebastian Kurz (ÖVP) in court), “common sense” (meant by the jury as a counter-term to necessary measures in climate policy, Note), the “climate terrorists”, the “wage-price spiral”, “normal thinkers”, the “special operation” (as the war against Ukraine can be called in Russia, note), “strategically necessary nonsense”, ” open to technology”, the “rezoning gain” and the “People’s Chancellor”.

Like almost every year, Federal President Alexander Van der Bellen made it onto the list of candidates for the “Sayings of the Year.” This year, the choice is “Burt your bubble. Because we don’t have to like each other to like each other.” However, the favorite is probably the metal workers’ union negotiator, Reinhold Binder: “One-off payments can go to shit,” he said to the employer, because of his “elastic language elegance” – as he called his choice of words last Sunday in the ORF-ZiB2 – It’s a bit surprising why it didn’t end up in the “Unsayings of the Year”. The third candidate is ÖVP politician Othmar Karas, who demanded: “We need a politicization of politics. More courage, honesty and responsibility.”

Chancellor Nehammer nominated for “Unspokenness of the Year”.

Chancellor Karl Nehammer (ÖVP) is once again running for the “unsaying of the year”, this time with the statement “Do you know what the cheapest hot meal in Austria is? It’s not healthy… A hamburger at McDonalds”. In 2022 he won this category with “If we continue like this, you will only have two decisions afterwards: alcohol or psychotropic drugs!”. When asked by a young immigrant what Vienna would be without the many immigrants, Lower Austrian Provincial Councilor Gottfried Waldhäusl (FPÖ) said: “Then Vienna would still be Vienna,” which also made it onto the shortlist of Unstimm candidates. The third controversial candidate is the statement of an ÖVP official: “The party should show more edge for the large majority of normal thinkers. Performance, reason and common sense for the broad middle should move to the center.”

The “youth word of the year” traditionally has less to do with the big themes of the year. The choices this year are “auf lock” (short for “on loose”), “Defluencer” (influencers whose statements are directed against other influencers), “delulu” (modified from “delusional”, which means something like “delusional” in German “), “Goofy” (loosely based on Disney; someone who is clumsy or even idiotic), “normal Brakka” (Brakka stands for pants, normal as opposed to skinny or skin-tight), “NPC” (gamer jargon for non-playable characters , also derogatory for a person perceived superficially and without an opinion), “rizz” (for a person’s ability to flirt and verbally express themselves in a charming manner) and “side eye” (a certain facial expression where you look at someone from the side ; is used when you find something strange about the person you are looking at).

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