Young theater invites you to the “Odyssey” and the magic laboratory

Young theater invites you to the “Odyssey” and the magic laboratory
Directorial debut: Friedrich Eidenberger embarks on “Odyssey”.
Image: Philip Brunnader

“A festival of equipment” is “The satanarchaeolyingialcohellish wish punch”. Based on Michael Ende’s last novel, everyone aged six and over is invited to a “fantasy magic laboratory”: revolving stage, laced floor – they “really reached into the theater box,” says set designer Sandra Dehler.

The music by Yakup Maurer, who has been a sound engineer at the Landestheater since 2019, is also inspired by a magical atmosphere and is making his stage music debut. “Environmental destruction and how we deal with it” is what Neitzke calls an explosive topic in the play in cooperation with the Bruckner University, which is “the first major stage experience” for six acting students, emphasizes drama institute director Anke Held. The premiere is on Sunday at 3 p.m. Sparkasse Oberösterreich supports the play by providing each school class with four free tickets for children in need – on a trust basis.

Young classic: “Odysseus”

The “Odyssey Short Cuts” based on Homer in the “Young Classics” series for ages 14 and up lives on the theatrical magic of transformation. Ensemble member Friedrich Eidenberger presents his first directorial work – with his own equipment – and goes on a journey as a Greek hero. He was particularly interested in his version, which was reduced to 70 minutes, “how Odysseus is doing: as a father who sees his son again,” says the Vöcklabruck native. As a companion, Veronika Haider supported him with her outside perspective, to the music of Bernhard Höchtel. The premiere is tomorrow, 6 p.m., on the Promenade studio stage.

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