We are the opposite of a banana republic

We are the opposite of a banana republic

The ex-president Julio María Sanguinetti he responded to the former president as well Jose Mujica and pointed out that Uruguay It is “the complete opposite of a banana republic,” when referring to the scandal that was unleashed by the delivery of the passport to the drug trafficker. Sebastian Marset.

“We look like a draconian republic,” he compared Sanguinetti when talking about the “excess rigor” of the government headed by Luis Lacalle Pou, after the political crisis that led to the departure of several officials, including the chancellor Francisco Bustillo and the Minister of the Interior, Luis Alberto Heber, generating a reorganization of the government.

The former president and reference of the Colorado Party He referred to what happened within the ruling party due to the scandal marset and, in dialogue with Radio Uruguay, he maintained that the event “arises as a result of a legal legal act” and stated: “There are no two opinions about whether the granting was legal.”

When specifically consulted about the sayings of Mujica, He stated: “I heard it and I substantially disagree. “I think we are the opposite of a banana republic.” And he chicane: “Bananero was a big drug trafficker who was imprisoned like (Rocco) Marabout he walked away.

Along the same lines, the former head of state compared: “We look like a draconian republic. It’s enough for someone to stumble and we’ll cut off their head. I would say that on the contrary, there is an extraordinary rigor. That’s why we think differently about many things.”

Regarding the role of the opposition, he said: “The resignations occurred. So, what he proposed is satisfied. Now, the fact that they want to follow it to try to carry out political exploitation is simply a proposal to keep alive an episode that, politically, ended as they themselves requested.”

He spoke about “political responsibility”

In another section of his statements, Sanguinetti He referred to the departure of hierarchs. “The ministers fall because there were confusions in the information, there were some eventual omissions and there were discrepancies,” she said after the strong conflict generated by the former vice chancellor’s statements. Carolina Ache.

For the Colorado reference, there were “different visions that generated a climate of controversy among the actors that, naturally, led to political responsibility” and he continued: “I don’t think there were any lies.”

Nevertheless, Sanguinetti He admitted that “there are contradictory versions about some episodes, such as the one with the chats” and questioned that “all of this is an element of confusion.” In that sense, he analyzed: “I would say that they are derivations, because in reality what is not discussed is the legality of the initial act. What is being discussed is its consequences, what has led to this explosive situation.”

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