The PIT-CNT takes to the streets due to the Marset scandal and warns of a very serious situation

The PIT-CNT takes to the streets due to the Marset scandal and warns of a very serious situation

He PIT-CNT called for a march next Monday “in defense of democracy and against corruption”, in the context of the scandal that resulted from the delivery of the passport to Uruguayan drug trafficker Sebastián Marset.

Marcelo Abdala, secretary of PIT-CNT, considered that “what is happening is very serious”, alluding to the political crisis that broke out in the president’s government Luis Lacalle Pou, which caused the resignations of four leaders.

The mobilization will take place from 6 p.m. on Monday on the esplanade of the Montevideo Municipality and from there they will march towards Plaza Cagancha. “There is not only an organization of Executive power that Parliament has not been truthful, but that measures have been taken to hide from Justice important evidence on an aberrant issue,” he questioned. Abdullah in dialogue with Underlined.

In that sense, the leader maintained that this scenario “leaves the country in a very bad position internationally,” echoing the dissemination that the scandal had in the media around the world.

The PIT-CNT says that “there were legal alternatives” to not hand over the passport

From the union center they held “the Executive Branch and its highest representatives responsible for all these events” and questioned that there was a plan to “hide evidence from the judicial investigation.”

“There were legal alternatives to not hand over to marset an open passport”, they assured from the bthrough a statement and pointed out: “Had it proceeded in accordance with the provisions of article 45 of decree 129/2018, the Executive Branch would have complied with the law, preventing the flight of marset, instead of promoting it by providing him with a Uruguayan document.

Gandini accused Abdala of “defending dictatorships”

From the National Party, the senator picked up the gauntlet Jorge Gandini, who put the focus specifically on Abdullah, whom he described as “a pure-blooded communist.”

“That he comes to talk to us about a march in the name of democracy, when he defends the government of Cuba, of Nicaragua, of Venezuela, “That they are authentic dictatorships, I think it’s ridiculous,” he said.

At the same time, he considered that the workers’ union is functional at Wide Front and “sometimes he goes ahead” and chicaneó: “I don’t remember what they did against (former vice president Raúl) “Sendic”.

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