The government will evaluate a real estate project in Punta Ballena that generated controversy

The government will evaluate a real estate project in Punta Ballena that generated controversy
November 8, 2023 – 08:32

The Minister of the Environment, Robert Bouvier, referred to the neighbors’ protests and stated: “They are private lands and they have every right to present it.”

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A Real estate project to build a residential complex of 29 buildings in Punta Ballena, Maldonado, It generated condemnation from neighbors due to its possible environmental impact and the government had to come out to clarify that “they are private lands”, so the initiative can be presented and then evaluated.

The Minister of the Environment, Robert Bouvier, He specified that it was “a private initiative that was presented” to the portfolio, which as the governing body will analyze the environmental impact report, which will be presented by the construction company.

“We are carrying out the process that corresponds to this type of projects and in this first stage it is for citizen consideration,” he stated. Bouvier at a press conference about the possible construction of the buildings with 320 apartments.

The leader assured that the text is on the official website and “can be accessed,” while adding: “Almost 6,000 people have already done so. At the same time, there have been meetings in Ballena Point, “We think this stage is important for citizens to know what is going to be done.”

Regarding the neighbors’ objections, he indicated: “People make their contributions, we take them into account and then we go to a public hearing where those carrying out the project explain to the citizens what it is going to be like.”

Neighbors’ rejection

Upon learning about the project, neighbors and organizations opened a page on the Change platform to request the expropriation of the property and in a few days they added more than 36,000 signatures, arguing that the real state development uncontrolled and voracious in the coastal zone has been common in recent decades.”

In their complaint, they asserted that “the continuous authorization of exceptions to the regulations by the departmental governments has negatively impacted the entire coast of Maldonado and now specifically in one of the icons of our country.”

Regarding this complex in particular, they warned that “it would generate irreversible impacts, not only to the unique ecosystem of the place, but also to the Uruguayan culture Yet the tourist industry of national and international scope.

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