An animal never seen before appeared in the Peruvian Amazon

An animal never seen before appeared in the Peruvian Amazon
November 8, 2023 – 09:50

The mammal was in the Santa Elena Ecological Reserve. Scientists confirmed that it is an unidentified species.

A group of scientists who entered the Peruvian Amazone to tour the place, more precisely in the Saint Martin regionthey found a animal never before identified. The discovery occurred in Santa Elena Ecological Reservein the wetlands located just 15 minutes from the center of Rioja.

According to one of the participants in the discovery, the mammal resembles what a giant rat would be. The problem they had was that they did not have the necessary photographic material, so the animal could not be registered.

At first, the researchers They thought it was another species of rodentbut after a study, they were able to confirm that it was a species never seen before.

The place of discovery

reserve santa elena.jpg

Santa Elena Ecological Reserve.

Santa Elena Ecological Reserve.

This site has a tropical climate and great diversity of flora and fauna. In this way, it has the necessary conditions for the wildlife development. Within the reserve, a wide variety of mammals, fish, reptiles, birds, among others. But apparently, not all of them were identified.

The locals suggest that the animal should be called st. Helen, by the reservation where it was viewed. Furthermore, it is expected that the responsible scientist, Alex Castilloalso be recognized in the name.

For his part, Castillo announced that during the next six months will carry out a more exhaustive study in the area, to be able to identify other species still unknown.

Source: Ambito

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