Pope Francis approved the beatification of Argentine Cardinal Eduardo Pironio

Pope Francis approved the beatification of Argentine Cardinal Eduardo Pironio
November 8, 2023 – 2:24 p.m.

The Supreme Pontiff authorized the recognition for the cardinal from July 9. When will the ceremony be?


He Pope Francisco authorized the beatification of the Argentine Cardinal Eduardo Pironiocreator of the World Youth Days. In this way, the Vatican recognized him a miracle occurred in 2006when the then 15-month-old baby Juan Manuel Franco came out of a deep coma picture after his parents They will pray to the figure of the future blessed.

The news came after the Dad authorized the prefect of the Dicastery for the Causes of Saintsthe Italian Marcello Semeraroto publish the decree with which the Holy See recognizes the healing without scientific explanation of the blessed

The beatification ceremony will take place in Lujan before the end of the year and on behalf of the Holy See the Spanish Cardinal Fernando Vérgez Álzagahead of the Vatican Governorate and secretary of Pironius for 23 years.



Who is Eduardo Pironio, the new Argentine blessed

Pironio was born in 1920 in the Buenos Aires town of 9 de Julio, and died in Rome in 1998. He was the creator of the World Youth Days that continue to be done on a triannual basis with the presence of the Pope. Furthermore, he was the first latin american who played a position in the Roman Curia and was one of the founders of the theology based on social doctrine of the church.

Franco’s healing occurred after the baby accidentally aspirated the contents of a container with glitter, which left him in a deep coma picture. The boy’s parents prayed for 13 days to a cardinal card Pironio, and then the boy woke up no traces of toxic elements in blood.

The Pope had recognized in 2022 the “heroic virtues” of Pironio and converted it into “venerable”. Created cardinal in the consistory of May 24, 1976, beatification process of Pironio was promoted in 2003, five years after his death on February 5, 1998.

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