They offer a three-day truce in exchange for freeing 12 hostages

They offer a three-day truce in exchange for freeing 12 hostages

The Qatari government is mediating negotiations To obtain the release of 12 hostages captured by Hamas in Israel, in exchange for “a three-day humanitarian truce.” “Six of them are Americans”According to sources close to the Islamist movement that governs the Strip, France Press agency (AFP) in the last few hours.

“The talks revolve around the release of 12 hostages, half of them Americansin exchange for a three-day truce that allows Hamas release these hostages,” the source declared to the agency, under condition of anonymity.

Releasing hostages in exchange for a “truce”: the negotiations promoted by Hamas

According to the source close to Hamas, the negotiations are “stumbling” for the moment, as there is no agreement “on the duration” of the truce, as well as its inclusion in it. “from the northern Gaza Strip”which is the “theater of major combat operations”such as the source specified.

In Doha, another source close to the negotiations confessed, also on condition of anonymity, that Qatar is carrying out this mediation. “in coordination with the United States (…) for get liberation between 10 and 15 hostages, in exchange for a ceasefire two days”. For now, “Qatar is waiting for a response from the Israelis,” she added.

The truce too would allow Egyptwhich borders the Gaza Strip, “provide more humanitarian aid” to the besieged Palestinian territory “through the Rafah Pass”as indicated by the same source.

“I do not comment on any negotiations,” declared Eylon Levispokesman for the Israeli government, to AFP.

Israel refuses to any humanitarian truce, while do not release the hostagesdespite the urgent appeals from the UNof NGO and of other countries to a ceasefire, or at least a pause to provide aid to the population.

One month since the outbreak of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict: kidnappings and victims

On October 7, Hamas launched a bloody attack on Israeli soil, during which kidnapped 240 people and took them to the Gaza Strip. In the first attack it is known that at least around 1,400 died in Israel. “They were mostly civilians,” Israeli authorities said.

Israel’s retaliation, which seeks “annihilate” Hamasthey left more than 10,500 dead in the Gaza Strip“among them more than 4,000 children,” as specified from the Ministry of Health of the Islamist movement.

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