Yamandú Orsi predicts that the 2024 elections will be very even

Yamandú Orsi predicts that the 2024 elections will be very even

The Broad Front presidential candidate considered this Tuesday night at a press conference that “without a doubt” his party arrives at the 2024 elections better positioned than it did in 2019.

For the Canary Islands leader, the FA is “standing” in a different way than it was at that time, when the political force lost power to the Multicolor Coalitionled by president Luis Lacalle Pou.

Orsi will resign as mayor of cannelloni to launch himself into the electoral race during the summer, where he will compete internally with the Mayor of Montevideo, Carolina Cossehe Mayor of Salto, Andrés Limaand the senator Mario Bergara.

According to Orsi, the October general elections and the possible November runoff will be “very even” and “very close.” On this point, she expressed that she does not imagine “another scenario.”

“I think that in the FA we are doing much more politics than we did five years ago,” when “energy was concentrated 100% on management and we neglected political action,” said the mayor.

“There is an FA standing on the field and doing politics”

Likewise, he stressed that “today in Montevideo, Canelones and Salto the head is set on management”, but with “a lot of political activity”, and with “an FA standing on the field doing politics”.

However, in the face of a possible runoff, he was “concerned” about the possible polarization of the electorate. “You have to know how to manage it (the campaign), because the elections tend to polarize,” he said. In turn, he added that “we have to be very careful” and that “the campaign has to be one of comparison and confrontation,” but “never about blowing up bridges.”

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