We have to fight against the Uruguayan crack

We have to fight against the Uruguayan crack

The ex-president Jose Mujica called for “fighting against the Uruguayan rift” and reflected on the impact on the reputation of the country of Marset scandal, as well as the attitude of Wide Front as an opposing force by warning: “I wouldn’t want the blood to reach the river.”

Exclusively with Uruguay Area, Mujica referred to the political crisis derived from the delivery of the passport to the drug trafficker and maintained that “there are too many people affected,” while agreeing with the former president, too, Julio María Sanguinetti, about “an error was added to the intention to cover up and cover up.”

The reference of Wide Front This Wednesday he participated in the launch of Agora, presented as “a space for thought” with progressive roots that has the economist Gabriel Odonne as its main reference and former president of Chile, Michelle Bachelet, as keynote speaker.

“I agree with the doctor. Sanguinetti that an error was added to the intention to cover up and cover up, everything was complicated unnecessarily. If he had taken the simple route in a reconnaissance, it seems to me that we had less risk,” said the former president during a break in the activity.

Regarding the attitude that the Broad Front, the delicacy of the issue and the claim that he can be firmer in his opposition, Mujica He stated: “I am not a judge of my colleagues. I am a spectator who is on the side and looks at him from the pyramid of his 88 years. I support it. But… I am concerned about the coexistence of the country. “I wouldn’t want the blood to reach the river.”

There is no “Argentinization”, but he was attentive to the crack

Asked if he thought that this whole situation, which has had a strong media impact, implied an “Argentinization” of local politics, Mujica He responded emphatically: “No. We have another story. “We grab the egg and turn it over and over and find the hair.”

However, regarding the existence of a Uruguayan “crack,” he stated: “Yes. there is a crack. But we have to do the opposite. “We have to fight against that.”

Along these lines, he rounded off his idea by referring to his regular meetings with former presidents as well. Sanguinetti and Luis Alberto Lacalle Herrera. “That’s why there are three old people that anyone knows that we chew, but we don’t swallow for obvious reasons. But institutionally we are there, because we give it an image in favor of Uruguay, which is a luxury that the country has to give itself,” he said.

Mujica He pointed out that “that is part of fighting against the rift, that you can have enormous differences and distances, but you have to maintain bonhomie, of a group of men who have become men of war.”

“Because? Because democracy is democracy. Democracy means learning to live with differences. Because to agree we do not need democracy. We need democracy to disagree. Have the freedom to disagree. If not, the monarchy is much more efficient,” concluded the former president.

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