Pope Francis advances an open Church without doors towards the LGTB population

Pope Francis advances an open Church without doors towards the LGTB population

The Vatican is open to trans and gay people and from now on nothing prevents even transsexuals from asking for and receiving baptism. They can even be godparents and witnesses at church weddings. The green light is also given to homosexual godparents who live with another person, as long as they lead “a life in accordance with the faith.”

They are the indications that come from the Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith, directed since September by the brand new Argentine cardinal Victor Manuel “Tucho” Fernández, responding to the call of Pope Francis “everyone, everyone, everyone” with which the Pontiff repeatedly asked to welcome everyone into the Church.

Although it was not explicitly prohibited, the opportunity for this opening arises from the answers to some questions posed to the Dicastery by Monsignor José Negri, bishop of Santo Amaro in Brazil.

The Bishop’s questions referred to possible participation in the sacraments of baptism and marriage by transsexual and homoaffective people, and the answers were given in terms of canon law, but it is imaginable that they will generate controversy and controversy.

The new indications from the Vatican, which were explicitly approved by Pope Francis who endorsed the published document, They are unprecedented and progress is made in Bergoglio’s open, doorless church.

In this way, the Holy See established the doctrine in an exchange of letters with the Brazilian Bishop, highlighting that “The Church is not a customs office, it is the parental home where there is room for each person with their hard work.” holds the text.

Indeed, Fernández’s response explained that “the Church must always call to live fully all the implications of the baptism received, which must always be understood and developed within the framework of the entire path of Christian initiation.”

Transsexuals and baptism

“A transsexual, who has also undergone hormonal treatment and sex reassignment surgery, can receive baptism, under the same conditions as other believers, if there are no situations in which there is a risk of generating public scandal or disorientation among the faithful”. “In the case of children or adolescents with transsexual problems, if they are well prepared and willing, they can receive baptism,” the Vatican said.

A trans person can also be a wedding witness or godfather of a baptized person: “Under certain conditions, an adult transsexual who has also undergone hormonal treatment and sex change surgery can be admitted for the role of godfather or godmother. “This task is a right; pastoral prudence demands that it not be allowed if there is a risk of scandal.”

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