The Frente Amplio maintains the advantage and is emerging as a favorite for the elections

The Frente Amplio maintains the advantage and is emerging as a favorite for the elections

He Wide Front has the support of 4 out of 10 Uruguayans and is 5 points ahead of the Multicolor Coalition in voting intention for the next elections, according to the latest survey carried out by Consulting Teams.

In the survey they specified that the question to citizens was “which party would you vote for if the elections were held today?”, without guiding options, although it is worth clarifying that the consultations were between October 5 and 18, before the political scandal derived from after handing over the passport to the drug trafficker Sebastian Marset.

If compared with the survey from the last two months, both the FA as the Coalition They lost some ground, due to the increase in undecided voters and those who plan to vote blank or annulled, which together reach 23%.

Voter preferences

By political party, the Wide Front garnered 40% of the accessions, much higher than the 29% of the National Party, the 4% who lean towards Colorado Party, 2% for Town meeting, 1% to PERI and 1% for others. On the other hand, 6% would vote blank or annulled and 17% remain undecided.

These are similar results to those of two months ago, although the FA fell 3 points, the P.N. won 3, colorado 3 points fell and Council another point. However, the opposition now has one point less of an advantage than the 6 it had in August.

With respect to those who did not define their vote, who will undoubtedly be key to turning the elections towards one side or the other, the study clarified that they could not be “purely undecided”, but rather “bloc undecided”, for example, being undecided within the parties of the Multicolor Coalition, which would give the ruling party more chances.

The electoral background

Consulting Teams highlighted that in October 2018, one year after the last elections presidential elections, “there was already a climate of political change.” It is that, prior to the consecration of Lacalle Pou, The sum of political sympathies for the parties of the Multicolor Coalition exceeded that of the Multicolor Coalition by 11 points. Broad Front.

Something similar happened in 2003, when the FA surpassed by 17 points the sum of the current matches of the Coalition. On the other hand, in 2008 and 2013, “the structure of preferences a year earlier was much more equal, almost in a situation of a tie between blocks,” something that ended up being defined during the year of the elections. elections.

From the consultancy they pointed out that “the ability of the parties to seduce these undecided people will be fundamental to determine the final configuration of the scenario.”

Source: Ambito

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