Maldonado prepares the season with a large number of confirmed reservations

Maldonado prepares the season with a large number of confirmed reservations

Maldonado already registers good reserve levels for the summer season 2023-2024which allows us to predict a good performance of the tourism sector in the busiest months, thanks to the luxury or premium accommodations that characterize these iconic spas of Uruguay.

The first inquiries began to arrive in August, much earlier than usual, marking a trend that continued: reservations were advanced considerably. Something that, on the other hand, provides security and peace of mind to tour operators in the face of the uncertainty of what could happen to Argentine tourists, who could be demotivated by the exchange difference and the economic crisis that crosses the neighboring country.

“We have information that reserves have been advanced compared to previous years. And I think that’s a very good news. Our main tourists at the regional level are Argentines, and taking into account the economic situation, having already completed business guarantees very auspicious season“, the director of the Secretariat of the Ministry of Tourism, Ignacio Curbelo. The data is not official yet, but the information was collected directly from the Maldonado tour operators.

Although the flow of reserves in premium accommodations It is a positive sign, from the tourism sector they do not fail to take into account that this group of tourists who are rather upper class or with a good economic background was the one they were counting on for this season. It will still be necessary to see what happens with the middle class sectors and how this can impact the final figures of the season.

For this reason, there are several measures that Maldonado Business Chamber drives. Among them, the possibility of establishing a differential exchange rate for the season, with the aim of making the national tourist offer more competitive; and also the extension of VAT rate 0 not only to foreign tourists—as was finally done—but also to residents, to promote domestic tourism.

The season in Punta del Este

The tourism director of Punta del Este, Martin Laventureestablished that the city of Esteña is preparing with “optimism” to face a summer season that is marked by the exchange rate difference that exists between Uruguay and Argentina.

Laventure assured the EFE agency that the exchange difference generates “uncertainty” and that he does not forget that an electoral process is being carried out in the neighboring country, although he anticipates that tourists will arrive anyway.

“Are optimistic in terms of having at least an acceptable season,” he said. In addition, he pointed out that they have also worked very well with the public that comes from other countries such as Brazil, Chile, Paraguay and the rest of the region. In that sense, he added that he hopes that domestic tourism will compensate in some destinations for the lack of the Argentine middle class, which is “the one that has difficulties” vacationing in Uruguay.

Taking into account that the exchange difference between Uruguay and Argentina already marked last summer, the Tourism director pointed out that the season will be “similar.” According to this, he pointed out that there will be “a good level of people”, although he stressed that we will have to see what happens with the spent, since in 2023 a decrease was noted in that sense.

Regarding the forecasts, Laventure explained that “the numbers are an important piece of information” but it is necessary to wait to be able to make evaluations. For this, we will have to study spending and how long tourists stay in the area. Uruguay. Although he assured that they do not yet have numbers, they estimate that they will “be surpassing last year’s numbers.”

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