Bianchi chatted with Ache about Marset and would destroy his cell phone if required by the Prosecutor’s Office

Bianchi chatted with Ache about Marset and would destroy his cell phone if required by the Prosecutor’s Office

The senator of National Party (PN), Graciela Bianchiconfirmed that he chatted with the former vice chancellor Carolina Ache about the drug dealer Sebastian Marsetbut that it will “never” show those conversations, and that it would even “destroy” your cell phone if it is required by the Attorney General’s Office.

The legislator expressed these controversial statements this Thursday morning on Radio Carve, in reference to the political crisis unleashed by the delivery of the passport to drug traffickers in 2021, which will lead to the resignation of ministers and government officials.

“I have chats with Carolina (Ache) Because of all this issue, I will never show them, and if a prosecutor asks me to testify and wants my cell phone, I will destroy it,” said the nationalist legislator.

Bianchi She went further and confessed that she was “willing” for them to consider that she “obstructs Justice”, since she considers that “private conversations are private.”

After being consulted about the possibility that these chats define the cause, the PN politician assured that she “has enough equanimity to realize” that. “Let (a prosecutor) ask me, but that doesn’t mean I have to show private conversations,” she insisted.

Bianchi assured that the government knew about the chats between Ache and Maciel before the interpellation

Likewise, he explained that since the Multicolor Coalition were aware that the former undersecretary of the Interior, Guillermo Macielhad “warned” ache about the danger of Sebastian Marsetwho at that time was imprisoned in Dubai (United Arab Emirates).

“We knew about that chat before the interpellation (to the former vice chancellor). Francisco Bustillo and the former Minister of the Interior, Luis Alberto Heber), I don’t know how they say that nothing was said during the interrogation. I saw it, I had seen it the day before!”, he stated.

According to the senator, “there was somewhat negligent conduct” by acheand that what he recently declared before the Prosecutor’s Office, which ended in the resignations of Bustillo and Heber“does not reflect reality”, since “there are things he said that are not true.”

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