According to an Israeli military officer, there is no humanitarian crisis in Gaza

According to an Israeli military officer, there is no humanitarian crisis in Gaza

“There is no humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip”. That was what an Israeli soldier said this Thursday, while in Paris the a “humanitarian conference” to raise funds for aid to that Palestinian territory. The conference called it “urgent”since they consider that the area is “besieged and bombed” by Israelin his war against the terrorist organization Hamas.

The military is Moshe Tetroresponsible for Gaza for COGAT, an internal body of the Israeli Ministry of Defense, which is overseeing civilian activities in the Palestinian territories. Today he himself spoke at a press conference in Nitzana, a border post that is on the border between Israel and Egypt. “I can say that “There is no humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip.”said the official, as opposed with what was determined by the Parisian conference.

“We are at war. A war that we have not chosen. Hamas decided to start it,” Tetro declared, referring to the Islamist movement in power in the Gaza Strip. since 2007.


Colonel Moshe Tetro, head of the Israeli COGAT.

Palestinian-Israeli conflict: what the UN said

UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres declared at the end of October your worry by the situation “increasingly desperate” of the Gazans. And he stated that “the world is witness of a humanitarian catastrophe”.

The conflict started on October 7 with the incursion into southern Israel of Islamist militiamenall from Gaza, which They killed 1,400 people, mostly civilians. Also sThey kidnapped about 240 peopleaccording to the Israeli balance.

Israel launched that same day a relentless bombing campaign that has already been charged to more than 10,800 peopleamong them some 4,412 childrenaccording to the balance sheets of the Ministry of Health of the Hamas government.

Tetro assures that Israel “is sending humanitarian aid”, although they threatened to withdraw it if Hamas uses it

Colonel Tetro, during the conference, had the press visit the place of inspection of the trucks that They will be able to enter Gazastating that the Israeli army “is facilitating” sending “water, food, medical supplies and humanitarian aid for refugees.

“More than 700 trucks entered” with aid to the Gaza Strip, since Israel authorized the first entry on October 21 of a humanitarian convoy through the Rafah crossing, which “connects the Palestinian territory with Egypt”as the military man pointed out.

The UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) confirmed that figure, noting that “before the start of hostilities, “500 full trucks entered on average daily” in Gaza, an enclave from which Israel retired in 2005after 38 years of occupation.

“If we see that Hamas uses humanitarian aid [enviada a Gaza], “we will stop sending it” the Israeli soldier warned.

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