Trial for incitement in Vöcklabruck: 5 acquittals

Trial for incitement in Vöcklabruck: 5 acquittals
A 17 meter long poster adorned the construction site.

For the third time on Thursday, five men between the ages of 19 and 51 stood before the Wels regional court. The hearing in which they were accused of incitement was postponed twice. The men basically admitted that on the night of August 21st to 22nd, 2021, they attached a 17-meter-long poster with the inscription “This is where the Islamism Center Upper Austria is being built” and an eight-meter-high wooden cross to the construction site of the Bosniak-Austrian cultural center in Vöcklabruck to have.

But it was just an expression of their concern, they wanted to warn and draw attention, they said. An expert commissioned by the Wels regional court found in a report – which is available to the OÖN – that there was “no convincing evidence of Salafist or jihadist tendencies in the cultural center”. Instead, there are “some indications” of Islamist tendencies. There are indications that Sefik Kurdic preached in the center. According to the expert, Kurdic is said to be very close to the Muslim Brotherhood (Sunni Islamist movement in the Middle East).

For the court, the offense of incitement was not present: all men were acquitted on Thursday morning.

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