the app that allows you to access a global view of real estate

the app that allows you to access a global view of real estate

The real estate consultant Moebius developed a new section in their application called Analitycs which promises to give real estate developers a general snapshot of the situation of the real-estate market based on interesting and necessary data when investing; On the other hand, the consulting firm has been insisting on the need to position the Uruguay as an investment hub in real estate.

In dialogue with Ambit, the CEO of the real estate consultancy, Gonzalo Martínez Vargas detailed the characteristics of this new section, as well as the importance of positioning the country as a destination for real estate investments, without forgetting the current Argentine political situation that inevitably affects the Uruguay.

At the moment Moebius It has a free application that allows potential buyers to access information about properties based on investment indicators. This is composed, first of all, of the tenant’s interest index, which establishes an estimate of the interest that people will have in the property. property. On the other hand, the capitalization index that determines the difference that the investor would earn in the difference of buying from the well until the delivery of the unit and, finally, the capitalization index annual profitability that the property would have.

—What is Moebius Analitycs about?

This new section is going to be based on a Montevideo study that we are doing and it is called “Moebius Indicators of New Housing” and has the objective of providing the values ​​of the real estate market by neighborhoods and by number of environments. This provides a total reality of the real estate market with adjusted values, applied in the neighborhoods and in the different environments of the properties. The profitability index is also determined, to which is added a screenshot of the different sectors of the city with the number of buildings and departments available for sale

— Why is this new section an added value for the real estate market?

Until now in the region there has never been a similar study that can say, for example, that the Tres Cruces neighborhood It has a certain number of apartments under construction available. This also provides information on how that unit has been sold, which will allow us to have a guideline of how the real estate market is progressing in terms of values, number of units and by environments that are being marketed.

This application will not only be useful for people who wish to buy a unit but will also be very useful for governments, banks, construction companies and also for the media since it is real information that will be updated every three or six months according to progress. that has the real-estate market.

gonzalo martinez vargas.jpg

Gonzalo Martinez Vargas, CEO of Moebius Consultora.

—What is the current state of the real estate market in Uruguay?

We are waiting for what happens in Argentina. Although the real estate market does not depend 100% on the neighboring country, since 80% of the market depends on the local market and around 20% on the Argentine market, the sector is observing what is happening on the other side of the Rio de la Silver. Throughout the year, according to a study, Argentines buy 2 properties per day.

Regardless of what happens in Argentina, the real estate market is expectant and relatively quiet, although there was a movement towards the coast and private neighborhoods by end users. We see ourselves in a scenario that we were not used to in the last 12 years where everything was, practically, business concretion.

—What was the effect of the Argentine elections on the real estate market?

The elections changed the perspective since whenever there was a scenario close to elections, the real estate market generated tremendous dynamism, mainly in the completion of businesses. However, in these elections, from the great vote of Javier Milei As a new player in Argentine politics, it generated a completely different expectation where there was a flurry of queries to find out how the market was, but without specifics.

Before, people checked prices more than anything, now they check how much income they can get, how much the rental value and how the business is done. Basically, deepening the information to be able to know where they stand with the aim of subsequently being able to make a decision. I think that starting in November there could be a change and an influx of business completionwhoever wins.

—What should Uruguay do to find more investors in real estate?

For several months we have had the idea that it is necessary to go out and look for corporate investors, that is, large capital to be able to build more homes for rent. We believe that Uruguay is in the best conditions to receive that capital and convert those funds into construction because it has a solid market, a rental law convenient for investors, tax benefits and exit guarantees.

The idea is to go out and find a fund of around 1,000 million dollars to be able to build 1,000 homes for rent mainly in the interior of the country. In that sense, our digital agenda has the objective of creating a country brand of Uruguay in real estate with the objective of working between public and private investors. For this, we want to have an interview with the president Luis Lacalle Pou since we believe it is essential to add the real estate area to the strong country brand that the Uruguay and turn the country into an investment hub in this sector.

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