Astori forged a special bond of love with Carnival

Astori forged a special bond of love with Carnival
November 10, 2023 – 16:46

“Danilo is in the heart of the people,” said Raúl Castro, leader of the murga Falta y Resto, of which the former vice president was a fan.

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Beyond the numbers and macroeconomic variables, the former vice president Danilo Astori He had a special connection with Carnival. Murga fanatic fan Lack and Rest, He just missed seeing her compete in the Summer Theater “for travel reasons or some other circumstantial emergency,” as he himself declares in this interview that we share conducted for the program Colados Al Camión broadcast by VTV in 2014.

To the renowned leader of Wide Front It was common to find him in the lower stalls of the Summer Theater some of the three wheels that “the lack” had to participate in the murgas contest, even daring to go on stage minutes before the curtain opened. She could also accompany her in the Club Malvin or appear as a surprise in some of the rehearsals.

He was an absolute connoisseur of his shows, and when the emotion took over he could make them want to accompany him with his singing, especially in the most contagious “retreats.” Astori He also “knew how to bank” when the murga made some personal criticism of him or one of his political decisions, which he received with affection.

Raúl Castro’s “eternal graces”

That affection is what he showed Raúl Castro “Tinta Brava”, leader of the murga Lack and Rest, in different publications made on his Facebook profile minutes after hearing the news. Furthermore, in dialogue with Ambit, He expressed: “I learned a lot about human ethics with Danilo.”

“Sometimes he even went against himself for his personal conveniences for the benefit of the Uruguayans. Danilo is in the heart of the town, which is a beautiful place to be,” Castro said.

image0 (2).jpeg


How have so many gone?

memory disguised as a saint

and its history has become an illusion.

I discover

the hint of bitterness

that not even the best score

“It could have marked my voice.”

(Fragment of Toast by Pierrot, Murga Falta Y Resto).

Source: Ambito

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