Amstetten uncovered a piece of its history

Amstetten uncovered a piece of its history
Construction manager Ernst Stix, mayor Christian Haberhauer, the former city archivist Josef Plaimer and worker Horst Schreyer with the bricks they found.
Image: City of Amstetten

“Under the mayor of the Amstetten market at the time, Karl Kroiß, the foundation stone for the first canal was laid in 1856,” says the former city archivist, ex-deputy mayor Josef Plaimer: “First, a drainage channel was built that was lined with stones. A little later a canal built with bricks.” Previously, the G Schirmbach flowed over the market square.

Community-owned brick kiln

A large number of bricks were found that bear the letters MA for Markt Amstetten. “These first appeared in 1869 and were produced in the community’s own brick kiln, which stood at the foot of the Krautberg,” explains Plaimer.

“Karl Kroiß had a significant influence on the development of Amstetten. During his time as mayor, not only was the first canal built. With his foresight, he also brought the railway to Amstetten, thereby laying the foundation for the city as we know it today,” says the mayor Christian Haberhauer, viewing this piece of “city history”.

The “excavation” at the Stadtbrauhof was documented. Bricks found are kept as pieces of Amstettner’s history.

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