Gandini wants the PN to decide soon on the party financing law

Gandini wants the PN to decide soon on the party financing law

Gandini He referred last night through the social network Broad Front (FA)he Colorado Party (PC) and the Independent Party (PI).

The common project agreed upon between the FA, the PC and the PI would also have the support of Open Town Hall (CA)but without certainties about the PN’s position.

In this regard, Gandini recalled that the PN Board of Directors will not meet this Monday, but that the law “will be discussed on the same day in the Senate with an invitation to white deputies from the Commission studying the project.”

“You have to hear the report, form an opinion, decide soon and vote in Deputies, or be released. Political time has expired,” the white legislator expressed in X.

Parliament would vote on the Financing of Democracy law on November 16

Despite the decision of the PN, with the parliamentary majority guaranteed from the unprecedented alliance based on the new political party financing law, the Parliament is preparing to vote on the project next Thursday, November 16, after it seemed that the text could not see the light of day this year due to the different obstacles in the negotiations.

The single agreed project consists of 35 articles, and finally the FA gave in to the authorization for the companies can contribute to the campaigns, one of the points that generated differences between the parties, which is why this possibility was incorporated in article 6 of the same.

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