Cobra operation in Fohnsdorf: 4-year-old boy rescued uninjured

Cobra operation in Fohnsdorf: 4-year-old boy rescued uninjured
The Cobra special unit was in action.
Image: Volker Weihbold

Police officers took the little boy out of the apartment, and Cobra officers disarmed the Styrian man. He was taken to the LKH Judenburg. The uninjured little one was handed over to the care of his grandfather, according to the Styria State Police Department.

Police officers heard the child’s screams

A caller reported to the police around 8 p.m. that a person was “sneaking around” in the entrance area of ​​a house in the center of Fohnsdorf. A patrol couldn’t find anyone, but heard a child screaming from the apartment in an apartment building. It later emerged that the 43-year-old himself may have been the caller out of paranoia. Due to the unclear situation – the police assumed an accident in a locked apartment – two other police patrols were alerted and forcibly opened the entrance door to the apartment.

Video: Police spokeswoman Victoria Gimpel about the operation

In the bathroom, the police saw the 43-year-old who lived there. He apparently showed signs of severe psychological impairment. With him was his four-year-old son, whom he had to look after over the weekend. The 43-year-old was holding a knife with a blade around 30 centimeters long in his hand and used it to injure himself several times. The police managed to get the child out of the bathroom. The boy remained uninjured.

Special unit disarmed Styrians

The man then barricaded himself in the bathroom, whereupon the southern negotiating group, the Cobra task force and the SIG (rapid intervention group) were alerted. The child remained uninjured and was handed over to his grandfather after consultation with the Murtal district administration.

Two officers from the southern negotiating group were able to establish contact with the 43-year-old in the house and by telephone. He couldn’t be persuaded to give up. However, it could be seen that the man repeatedly held the knife blade to his neck and cut his forearms several times. He also apparently repeatedly let himself fall onto the knife blade. At 10:23 p.m., officers from the Cobra task force intervened and disarmed him. The bleeding man was searched by police paramedics and then given first aid by the emergency doctor before he was taken to hospital.

Localization: Fohnsdorf is located in the Styrian Murtal

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