Yamandú Orsi leads the internal party of the Frente Amplio by 18 points

Yamandú Orsi leads the internal party of the Frente Amplio by 18 points

He Mayor of Canelones, Yamandú Orsileads the internal Broad Front (FA) in front of the mayor of Montevideo, Carolina Cosseby 18 points ahead of the next elections in 2024.

The information comes from the latest survey carried out by Equipos Consultores, in which the Canarian leader reaches 38% of voting intention among the spontaneous responses of Frente Amplista voters, while cosse registers 20%. For their part, those who were undecided totaled 30%.

When asked specifically about the electoral options, the mayor of Canelones reaches 46%, while the departmental leader of the capital reaches 31%, followed by the Senator Mario Bergara with 12% and the Mayor of Salto, Andrés Lima, with 5%. Here, the undecided become 6%.

Among the names that arose spontaneously, that of former president José Mujica, which will not be in the electoral race, with 5%; followed by him Senator Óscar Andrade, with 2%; he FA president, Fernando Pereira, with 1%; and other candidates with another 1%.

Álvaro Delgado leads the National Party internally by twice as many points as Laura Raffo

In rows of National Party (PN)the internal voting intention is led by the Secretary of the Presidency, Álvaro Delgado, who has not yet made his pre-candidacy official, before his most immediate competitor, the Economist Laura Raffo.

Among PN voters, 28% spontaneously named Slimwhile 14%, half, opted for the option of Raffo.

The other names that arose naturally from those consulted were that of President Luis Lacalle Pou (who cannot stand for re-election) with 6%; the one of the Vice President Beatriz Argimón, who has already confirmed that she will not be a pre-candidate with 5%; that of Senator Juan Sartori, of still undefined pre-candidacy, with 2%; that of Minister of Social Development, Martín Lema (who will not be a pre-candidate either) with another 2%; the one of the Minister of Economy and Finance, Azucena Arbeleche, with 2%; and the Senator Jorge Gandini with 1%, who did confirm their pre-candidacy.

In another order, other nationalist candidates collected 1%, while the undecided registered the no less figure of 39%.

From the guided menu of candidates, Slim reaches 37%, while Raffo It is positioned closer with 29%. They follow them Sartori with 8%; Argimon (who confirmed that she would not be a pre-candidate after the survey was carried out) with 5%; Garcia, whose candidacy is an unknown, with another 5%; and Gandini with 4%. After this survey option, those who are undecided become 12%, a figure that remains high.

Pedro Bordaberry is the preferred candidate for the voters of the Colorado Party

He former minister and former senator Pedro Bordaberry continues to be preferred by the majority of voters in the Colorado Party (PC)according to the survey.

His name came up spontaneously from 14% of those surveyed, followed by former president of Antel, Gabriel Gurméndez, with 6%; he deputy Gustavo Zubía with 4%; he former president of ANEP, Robert Silva, with another 4%; he exedil for Montevideo, Andrés Ojeda, with 2%; he former president Julio María Sanguinetti, with 2%; he Minister of Tourism, Tabaré Viera, with another 2%; he Senator Germán Coutinho with 2%; He too Senator Adrián Peña with 1%; and the former chancellor Ernesto Talvi with 1%.

Possibly, as a result of the great electoral competition within the ranks, those who were undecided reached 59% and those who opted for another option reached 1%.

However, the presence of Bordaberry in the Colorado electoral race has yet to be defined. For its part, Grief, Sanguinetti and Talvi They are out of contention.

When people were given guided options, Bordaberry It reached 49% of Colorado supporters, far ahead of its most immediate competitor, Seewho collected 13%.

These are followed Silva with 9%; Zubia with another 9%; Gurmendez with 8%; Ojeda with 3%; and the Director of Telecommunications of the MIEM, Guzmán Acosta y Lara with 2%. Faced with this menu, those who were undecided increased to 7%.

Without Bordaberry as an option, everything is paired, with Silva taking the lead with 23%; followed by Zubia with 20%; See with 19%; Gurmendez with 13%; Ojeda with 8%; and Acosta and Lara with 4%. 10% indicated that they did not know who to vote for, while 3% clarified that they would not vote for any of these.

Source: Ambito

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