The claim of the retiree organization to the end-of-year basket is insufficient

The claim of the retiree organization to the end-of-year basket is insufficient

Last week the Social Security Bank (BPS) announced that will deliver a year-end basket worth 2,868 pesos to the retired and pensioners who receive minimum amounts; However, from the Organization of J.located and Pensioners of Uruguay (Onajpu) assure that it is not enough.

“Welcome everything that benefits the pocket of the retired and pensioner”, the president of Onajpu told Subrayado, Estela Ovelar. In that sense, he assured that the benefit is not enough “because those retirees and pensioners who received 3% as an advance (in July), next year’s adjustment, in January, will be made on what they earned in June of this year”.

The organization establishes that the loss of purchasing power that occurred during the last semester of this year will not be taken into account in the January adjustment of next year. “We consider that the purchasing power It has been lost, it continues to be lost. The family basket is a little higher every day, and it is insufficient,” he remarked.

What is the BPS basket about?

The Executive Branch announced last week that the BPS will provide retirees and pensioners with an end-of-year basket of 2,868 pesos. The payment of the benefit will correspond to the benefits of November, so it will be effective during the first half of December. From the government they specified that the means of payment will be the same where The beneficiaries They usually charge.

Retirees and pensioners with higher incomes will be excluded from this additional payment. minimum retirement which is 17,837 pesos, as well as those who are not residents of the country and those who receive other benefits.

In the resolution, the Executive considered it “essential” to establish concrete measures in socioeconomic policies and considered it “necessary” to grant certain benefits to the most vulnerable sectors “for a better enjoyment of the traditional end-of-year festivities that are approaching.”

Who can access the basket?

When defining the income level, the B.P.S. will not take into account family’s asignations, old-age benefits or unemployment benefits if the beneficiary was laid off, while those who have previously received this payment will see the deposit made automatically.

Pensioners under 65 years of age and those who are part of households with incomes higher than the established minimums will also not qualify for the basket.

It is worth noting that those who request to receive the basket for the first time will have to present a sworn declaration before the B.P.S. to demonstrate that they belong to households with an average income of less than 17,837 pesos, while the agency will proceed to evaluate the declarations.

Last year there were about 150,000 retired low-income people who benefited from the additional payment, which was implemented for the first time in 2008, through a voucher for the purchase of food.

Source: Ambito

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