The Israeli Army took over the Gaza parliament

The Israeli Army took over the Gaza parliament
November 14, 2023 – 15:06

More than a month after the beginning of the conflict, the Israeli Army took possession of several institutions previously governed by Hamas. In addition, they control the police and other government buildings.

He Israeli Army announced that took control of government buildings of the Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas in Loop, among which is the Parliamentthe police and other institutions. In the middle of conflict between Palestine and Israelthe troops uploaded an image to the social network x (formerly Twitter) in which they can be seen inside parliament, posing with Israeli flags.

The same troops also took control of the Gaza governor’s homewhich houses the offices of the military branch and the Police, and which, according to Israel Defense Forces (IDF)were “used to prepare the October 7 massacre“In addition, they announced the capture of a building of the Gaza University Faculty of Engineeringwhich, also according to the Israeli Army, would have served “as institute for the production and development of weapons“, and a complex with a military basea central command, interrogation rooms and cells.


For the Israeli Army, it is a

For the Israeli Army, this is a “symbolic victory“, since Hamas does not fight from government headquarters in Gaza, but in underground tunnels.

Meanwhile, the Israeli Defense Minister, Yoav Gallantsaid in a video message that Hamas “lost control in Gaza“after a month had passed since the conflict began. “Its combatants they are fleeing to the south,” he said.

Those who fell in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

“First we slept on the streetthen I went with six other women and several children to Al Shifa,” said Miriam Jadallah, 63, in conversation with a journalist from the France Press Agency (AFP). “Now I’m there and “I don’t know where my children and my family are.”, he added. According to reports, the Israeli army, in the midst of its attacks on the Palestinian enclave, is known to have destroyed a swedish clinic located west of Gaza City.

According to Hamas, several sick people and babies They died due to lack of electricity in the hospitalwhich gives a roof to about 600 patients and thousands of civilians seeking refuge. Furthermore, the Israeli bombings They have already killed 11,240 people since October 7mostly civilians, “including 4,630 children”according to Hamas Health Portfolio.

On the Israeli side, “about 1,200 people died,” according to authorities. And the vast majority of them, like civilians killed the same day of the attackof magnitude and violence unpublished since the creation of Israel in 1948.

The Israeli army, which on Monday reported 44 soldiers killed since the start of the war, estimates that about 240 people were taken hostage in the Gaza Strip, on October 7.

The Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahuraised on Sunday the possibility of “generating an agreement to release some of the hostages,” a condition that is “indispensable”, according to him, for any ceasefire.

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